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  1. I'm watching the national spelling bee right now and these kids are seriously geniuses. But why do most of these kids have glasses? I wore glasses and once I hit 7th grade I got contacts. Nerds. Good luck getting laid in hike school fellas
  2. They're non-prescription glasses, the kids just wanna be hipsters. The world is going deeper into hell and there is nothing we can do about it.
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  3. Classic I really believe that
  4. You know it'd be quicker to just ask for a ban?
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  5. I am not trying to get banned. I am starting conversations. Relax amigo
  6. Pointless low quality "flaming" of "nerds" who are wearing glasses on a TV show is not starting a conversation.
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  7. The best part is staff/moderators can use slurs directed at people's sexual orientation and no one says anything. Oh yea and racial slurs as well. Then try to justify them.
  8. Maybe not. I read a thread about water so I thought this might okay. Maybe someone should send me a list of topics I am allowed to post about
  9. Where?
  10. You can talk about anything, but threads like this serve no purpose apart from flame baiting...
  11. Okay duly noted......geniuses they are though.
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  12. If you just said that in the OP there woulda been no issues bud :obama:
  13. What makes you think these kids will go to hike school? Most of them are too smart to spend their time gallivanting about a trail
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  14. I wear glasses. I find this highly offensive. :tough:
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  15. Knew that was gonna happen^
  16. Oooooooo

    La biblioteca?
  17. :notsure:

    You asking if I am a librarian? Or am I just confused right now?
  18. Sorry thats a personal comment of mine. I figured it might confuse you. :awyeah:

    I like to call good looking girls with glasses "La Biblioteca" or Library in Spanish. I know its the wrong usage and I can't remember where I got it, but fuck it, I still use it.
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  19. :willis:

    I'm not just a librarian... I am the whole damn library! :tough:

    Was going to say "English mother f***er, do you speak it!?" :lol1:
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