Survivor Series Spicing up Survivor Series, how would you do it?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by leojay, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. So, in my opinion SS is awfully stale. It really means nothing. What will happen if Team Punk wins? Nothing. What about Team Foley? Nothing. What is the point of putting a match together with people that are having feuds currently on separate teams? Nothing.

    Why not make it interesting. How about having Punks title on the line in his SS match, with whoever pinning the leader getting the title? Or how about if the whole of a team gets eliminated the leader gets the world title and his team mates getting the chance to compete in a No. 1 Contenders Battle Royal? Or what if the wrestler on the winning team that has the most pinfalls gets the title?

    Now, doesn't that make things much more interesting? I think the first one is the most interesting as it can cause lots of swerves and fights between members.

    What about you? Have you got any cool ideas to make SS interesting and mean something again? If you do, tell Leo by posting in this thread!
  2. I like your ideas, indeed it'd make the matches much more interesting.
  3. The problem with the whole Number 1 Contender's thing is that they seem to be planning on a Punk/Cena finale at TLC, so Cena would have to be in one of the teams - meaning their two biggest stars are being used unnecessarily, as one can go and do his own thing hopefully drawing more buyers.

    Well I'd have liked to have seen an NXT battle Royale for one of the places in Foley's team, however, due to the short build up that would be impossible basically.

    I also have an idea of how to debut Ambrose, but I'm sure everybody is getting fed up of them lol.
  4. Eh, it might not suit this feud, but in general starting from next year perhaps something similar to these things should happen.

    Also, love the idea of someone on NXT getting a spot. Adds flavor to the match rather than the same old rivals on separate teams thingo.
  5. To spice up the team match.... The match can only end when the one of the captains pin the other?
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