Spike signs on a multi year contract for impact

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  1. Dixie carter tweeted that spike has signed a multi year deal to keep impact wrestling on their channel for a few more years.

    Randy Savage wrong again!

    You said they would be dead in a year. You said that last month!

    I'm still willin to bet you forum life vs mine that they are still here after march 2013!

    They croak. I leave these forums forever
    They last until April 2013! You leave forever!

  2. Lol, intersting bet :cole:

    Nice to hear that Impact gets to stay on the air for a few years. They tend to churn out some decent product especially their X division.
  3. Good news I suppose. Though those ratings won't increase with the crap they're spewing out atm.
  4. I want 2 C Dixie take more of an active role. She should come up with her own ideas 4 a while. As a woman, I can understand her feeling out of place but she should give it a try. Signing the legends is an awful idea, but I think her perspective on the Knockouts can help. It's her company and she should share her thoughts on storylines 2 C if the fans like it or not.
  5. Great news i love tna its a good wrestling company:emoji_slight_smile:
  6. X division and the Knockouts make TNA a good watch.
  7. Details Of TNA & Spike TV New TV Deal

    Sounds fair to me.:taker: