Spike TV happy with Impact's ratings

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  1. Pulled these out from a long read, but a small part of it was already debunked so watch out: http://www.pwinsider.com/article/79119/tons-of-backstage-tna-news-and-notes.html?p=1

  2. Well, at least TNA has that going for them then.
  3. It's always good to hear a wrestling company succeeding, so good on them.
  4. Maybe it's just the first stages of grief, but I'm thinking "No, WCW was safe while they had their TV deal! Things weren't great, but they had a viable company..., so this means TNA won't be going out of buildness in a year! :yay:"
  5. I'd begin to get worried if Spike and/or Panda merge with a larger company. That's ultimately what did WCW in, when Turner merged with AOL.
  6. At least they consider TNA a good show...
  7. TNA out of buildness by end of years!

    Who care if they have money bags owner and tv deal with channel that very happy with their #1 ratings on say channel.. they suck! oh hell yes!
  8. 1.5 mill and 1.3 mill the last two weeks. I'd be happy too.
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