News Spike TV Issues Statement Regarding TNA Leaving For Destination America

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    SpikeTV President Kevin Kay has issued the following statement regarding TNA’s departure from the network:

    "Our partnership with TNA Wrestling will officially come to an end with our last telecast on December 24.

    Dixie Carter and her team have been incredible partners to work with over the past 9 years, delivering high-action entertainment and strong ratings.

    As Spike continues to evolve into a network reaching a broader audience, we continue to look across our schedule to find opportunities to add original scripted and non-scripted programming that appeals to a wider demographic.

    On behalf of everyone at Spike, we would like to wish Dixie and TNA all the best and continued success.

    Kevin Kay President, Spike TV"

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  2. I smell some bullshit. Mainly the part where Kay calls Dixie an incredible partner to have worked with for 9 years. :park:
  3. Who knows what kind of work was involved. :happy:
  4. :ksi:Ooh, kinky--- I mean, you nasty! :kitler:
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  7. I also call bullshit on this, too. It doesn't sound like an amicable departure.

    Spike TV is losing one less sports promotion. Now they only have UFC/Bellator to rely on. Idiots.

    I mean, geez, I can't stop hearing about how TNA's promoting Bellator or UFC shows or matches when it calls for.
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