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  1. Idk, my take on Spike buying some part of TNA is this:

    if Spike had such a big say on the product and advertising on TNA Impact when they didn't own no part of TNA, imagine what we would be seeing when would be owning a part of TNA

    Sure, TNA could use more money from Spike, but I think we would've been seeing, lets just say, a really bad product with probably some of these great guys getting fired and more Bellator/MMA ads, and more MMA fighters on shows etc etc, not to mention Spike always wanting ex-WWE guys in TNA

    Just my take on situation, I hope they get renewed but without Spike getting 10% of TNA, please no.
  2. The last time someone owned a wrestling company, it became a colossal mess.

    *cue loud Ahem* WCW + Ted Warner's company. Ahem.

    Unless you're going to re-create a nWo-like revolution, stay the fuck away from TNA. Okay? Good.
  3. I just hope Spike renew the deal and just leave it like that, advertise the show more and expect for Dixie to turn around the company's fortunes like they have done recently with Impact. In fact, the show through out September (from spoilers I've briefly looked at) looks really good and I expect for over a million viewers regularly now, with the kind that they've gotten since they hit NYC. I guess the real test, though, is taping after October when they're presumably not going to be at NYC. Find a new home and occasionally tour, and then they have a nice UK tour to look forward to. In fact, if someone was going to get power in TNA, it should've been someone who has experience with promotions (I'd say Jarrett but didn't see TNA when he was around pulling the strings, but I assume the X-Division was great and basically the midcard was strong enough).

    In fact, I'd think the creative team aren't doing too bad now and I'd like to know what Dixie's been doing there.
  4. Impact has over 1 million viewers around 98% of the time, the hell you saying?
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  5. I already can't stand the corporate c*nts running WWE.
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  6. I should have said around 1.4 million.
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  7. - Officials from several network channels reportedly attended the recent Impact Wrestling tapings in New York City at the Manhattan Center. This is in addition to Spike TV President Kevin Kay, who was also in attendance.

    Also, a talent meeting was held backstage with the roster during the tapings. Bully Ray and John Gaburick headed up the talent meeting. Ray was there to smooth things over with the wrestlers. He reportedly informed the wrestlers that TNA is not shutting down and is working on several new TV deals. According to the report, Ray told the talent that things are fine in TNA.

    Credit: PWInsider via Wrestlezone.com
  8. What else was Bully going to say?
  9. Do they know who he is?
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  10. Good point
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Seems weird he'd head up the meeting considering how he's leaving.
  13. Bully is a man that when he speaks, everybody listens.
  14. I found it weird that he held the meeting all together. Considering that he's not an TNA executive nor in any way as far as we know involved in the negotiations.

    If I was in that locker room I would have wanted to hear from one of the people actually involved. no offense to Bully Ray.
  15. Bully Ray is the lockerroom leader along with Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Roster takes what he says as legit.
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  16. NYC tapings were 8/5-8/7. He held a meeting then.

    He said he was leaving on 8/17.

    He didn't know he was leaving, they were obviously negotiating in that 10 day span.
  17. I understand the role a locker room leader has. But still, if I was put in the position that the TNA locker room is right now what the locker room leaders say would mean squat.

    If for example a cargo company was risking going under or being bough out. I wouldn't go to the senior truck driver, which tends to hold a similar role among "the boys" as a locker room leader (my dad runs a trucking company so I've grown up around truckers). I'd go to the chief or any official responsible for the negotiations and finances. Because in my experience locker room leader roles tend to tell people "what they want to hear" rather than what they need to hear.
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  18. I get what you're saying absolutelym, but you say I wouldn't "go". Wrestlers didn't go anywhere. Meeting was called, and Bully and Gaburick came and started breaking it down for the boys.
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