'Spilt milk' Orton is a tool

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    This storyline is smooth. Basically, I'm digging it... except Orton is pure garbage

    Forget the fact that the majority of his popularity was based on those dreaded respect pops (the kinds Edge and many 'legends' get for time put in

    Forget the fact the dude peaked in 2009

    I'm sayin he's regressed and Trips is carrying the guy on the stick... the only reason to justify is the cache they threw at him when he was actually profound

    Hate to say it... Wade would have been better...better on the stick and better back story with Daniel

    Building him for mitb wouldnt have been anymore awkward than the Sheamus/Swagger pushes ive witnessed.

    Barrett wouldnt even need to be over considering who's backing him.... he's better than Orton for sure

    A proper build... his natural ability with Trips initially drawing for him would have made the corporation less awkward given Orton's history

    Rant complete
  2. This is my only real nitpick about the whole angle - the fact that Orton isn't exactly a new, fresh face like the person in this role should be presented as. IMO, the best person suited for this role would have been someone of a similar stature to that of Daniel Bryan, as in a fresher face on the roster, not someone who's been here for years and years. That's the whole point in my view, that the brass doesn't believe Bryan is worthy so they point to this other guy over here who is more of a chosen one for the future of the company. I know Randy Orton is 33, only a year older than Bryan himself, but he's been around so long and was pushed strongly at such a young age and already has several accolades to his name that he's already technically one of the veterans of the company (like Cena), so HHH/the McMahons trying to push him on-screen as the new poster boy of the WWE, as if he's a brand new face and name that's gonna be headlining and representing the company for years to come, seems odd.

    I don't know that Wade Barrett would be an absolutely better replacement, but there would have been the interesting backdrop of how Bryan and Barrett both came into the company in the same year and how Barrett could say that Bryan was his stooge then and is gonna be his whipping boy/bitch now.

    That said, it is but a small nitpick and I still accept Orton in the role and being an established main event means a lot as far as Bryan overcoming him, I'm just saying.
  3. I think the connection is more of the HHH - Orton past in Evolution. I know they don't voice that, but it makes sense if you think about it.
  4. I agree with Kevin. The story itself is great, but it sort of deserves to have someone new so that person can get the rub. Orton being the veteran sort of comes off as an afterthought in this story in my honest opinion. I think someone in that role would need real good mic skills to get himself firmly slotted in the story, as it sort of feels like HHH vs Bryan at the moment. Imagine Barrett in Orton's place though. He would cut some awesome promos about how he wasn't handed this and that he completely deserves to be champion - which we know he isn't deserving, which gets him heat - and would solidify him as a new top heel in the company.

    I don't mind too much with it being Orton though as I am a mark for the guy (especially as a heel). Plus, the matches will be great with Orton in them.
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  5. The story is based around the cooperation wanting the old style of superstar rather than the DB style isn't it? How does a new guy fit that mould?

  6. I don't know that Barrett is not those things, Seabs... as far as I know Daniel was initially slotted to win NXT season 1, when they went with Barrett.

    Bryan was dogged by Cole from day 1, and it was clear they were making the underdog completely real on television....Barrett won the thing and was obviously chosen to lead Nexus over guys like Ryback

    I won't discredit your take, Seabs, only I don't think there is anything 'new' about Barrett in terms of his skill set.... in fact, his potential was once considered streak-stopper (Taker) because he had such an all-around balanced skill set for any company to build upon
  7. Nope. It's about someone fitting the "face of the company" image; height, weight, etc., come into play. I don't think it has anything to do with how long you've been there.
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  8. I think they've already made a reference to something Triple H once said in a 2003 promo. Back then during the Evolution days, he stated that Orton was the coal that was gonna be squeezed into a diamond one day. And the night after Summerslam, Triple H said that the coal has now become the diamond.

    Interesting bit of trivia - HHH won his first match in WWF with the RKO (usually called an Ace Crusher officially) back in 1995. It wasn't his finisher, just a move he used to put away a jobber, but interesting nonetheless.
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  9. Well they can follow a trail of blood somewhere in a VFW hall in Florida to find Flair and call Mason Ryan Batista and just throw the two factions together. Why not?

    But seriously, have actually been enjoying Orton more than most in this role. It's not magnificent but it's nowhere near as diabolical as you guys say. Also agree with Seabs up there because this whole angle is the Administration embellishing a bunch of IWC stereotypes. Not only does Daniel Bryan have to fight back against a corporation that doesn't see him as a guy who looks good enough to be champion (lol rip kayfabe) but the champion is one of those guys that they've been pushing non-stop for the last 5 years. Oh, and they know we found Orton boring in the role he had before so they didn't bring back his old character traits we found entertaining back in 2008. His promos have been effective enough.

    As Crayo said it's more of a Bryan/HHH feud, but Bryan still has to get through Orton to get his belt. The stuff they've been doing to get heat on the Viper has been spectacular, he's coming across as such an evil bastard getting Rhodes fired, then squashing Goldust's attempt at re-hiring Rhodes and standing over him and saying "Your dream... has been shattered..." in typical boring-yet-effective Orton fashion. It's amazing what actually putting some meaning behind the matches on Raw can do to help guys get over. If only they did it more often.

    To your point OP, if you had Barrett hit the Bull Hammer and stand over Goldie menacingly and rub it in his face it would probably be better, and focusing on young stars is absolutely necessary right now, but Orton just fits the storyline better.
  10. I just milked a cow, it was gorgeous.
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  11. Orton has never and probably never will be as interesting as he was from later '04 to early '05. The dude peaked nearly ten years ago, character wise hahaha

  12. True story, KLock, and to further that fact....DDP confirmed that story and begged Triple H to change it...Trips gracefully did so and DDP was thankful for it

    DDP was nearing 40 at the time trying to get over and Trips was the young cat with his entire career ahead of him

    Here is an article detailing it:

  13. When you drink milk, always remember Orton drinking milk from his mother's tit.

  14. Which is apparently the reason he has trouble speaking to this very day.... maybe the cat's got his tongue.... oooh no he didn't go dere

  15. I think it would have been a good idea to use someone new, since it would build up a new star, and Barrett wouldn't be as boring as Orton is at this role. Although, Orton was from Evolution, and this is suppose to be his moment to show that he is the head of the company, the face. Even though he was champion before, supposedly this reign is suppose to be different, which doesn't really sell well with me, and considering the fact Orton RKOed them all and kissed Steph and whatnot, it just seems so weird to see them all rise his hand. The more I think about it, the more I think it would have been better to go with Wade, since they never did anything that bad to each other in kayfabe ways.
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  16. Using Orton makes sense, although I figured they'd have him start wearing suits, shaving and looking somewhat more corporate himself in this new role. Plus, his mic work has been a bit... underwhelming, I don't know. It's much better than most of the stuff from his face run obviously (because he's actually got stuff to talk about now) but something is not clicking for me. Wade would've been a good pick for this, sure, had he been built since let's say WM (or his return last year? Would've been good too) for this.
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  17. Orton is just so boring on the Mic, I just tend to forget he's in this feud. Alot of the times he brings up the fact he cashed in and saying "you would have done the same" when Bryan has said it's not about him cashing in.
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