[Spoiler] 2013 plans

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by GeeTeaIye, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. With The King Of Cliches winning the RR, I think it's pretty obvious how the Road to Wrestlemania will turn out.

    Rock wins Elimination Chamber, Cena challenges him.

    Rock vs Cena 2 (twice in a lifetime :facepalm:)

    Cena wins (overcomes the odds)

    Correct me if, i'm wrong.

    WWE :finger:
  2. And then immediately after the match the rock challenges Cena to a third and final match at 2014 wrestlemania to show who's really the best...and we get a year of bullshit hyping it up.
  3. Unfortunately, that's probably what will happen :sad:
  4. So whats in Store for Punk now then? Mid carding?
  5. Taker at Mania most likely, after that, who knows?
  6. Man it's gonna suck going to watch it live now and having Cena as champion ;_;
  7. Leave early and beat the traffic :lol1:
  8. If I was driving, believe me I would.
  9. Yeah, we'll have Cena vs Rock AGAIN, possibly ONE MORE TIME after that and just for our trouble we get another Cena reign. Future doesn't look that bright.
  10. @KLockard23 had a great theory on a Cena heel turn at mania that would really be awesome and unexpected.
  11. I said in various posts that if Cena turned heel it would be worth it as well.
  12. Maybe this has been mentioned before, but I've been pathetically MIA and sporadic at best here in the forums... but what if Cena is behind The Shield? That would be a perfect lead into a heel turn in my opinion. I think in a way, with all of Cena's fans (especially the younger crowd) it would be easily comparable to Hogan joining nWo.
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