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  1. ...Cena's comments at the beginning of Raw when he pretty much asked AJ out on a date? The whole opening segment to me was boring and "meh," but that portion of his little talk made me wonder what the point of his comment/question was. Do you think it's the start of another storyline? Or just some sort of dig at AJ for the previous DB / Kane / Punk triangle, and/or Heyman's proposal from last week?

  2. Totally forgot about that. I don't know, he might dig crazy chicks.
  3. I'm thinking Cena's in a love storyline right now. Knight in Shining armor inside and outside of the ring, oh joy. :meh:
  4. That's what I'm wondering, if they're putting AJ in yet another love storyline. It made me curious, because I felt like there had to be some point to that.
  5. Average females like some romance in their TV shows, that's why they're doing that. AJ and Cena are sending suggestive tweets too. I think it's not Cena's lame joke, because it was mentioned in the WWE report.
  6. Lol, if they really wanted coax the interest of females, they would add more Divas in general
    But noooooooope
  8. Last thing we want to see is more divas, eww.

    Anyway, I hope so, anything to get him away from being potential WWE champion is fine with me.
  9. ^ :true:

    I still say the less AJ Lee on my screen the happier I'll be. But I also don't want Cena being the potential WWE champ.
  10. Lol well, I mean there's bound to be a non-bitchy Diva who takes fighting seriously sooner or later if they did add more. I guess what I really wanted to say was having more Divas that actually fought instead of causing stupid drama or riding the coattails of a Superstar. It's such a bad representation of women. I didn't really want to say there should be more Divas because really, who wants to see three hours of bitches bitching at each other? No, no. I just want to see more fighting is all.

    Where's Chyna when you need her? :dawg: lolol, jk.
  11. I think it was just a side comment that won't result in any storyline whatsoever.
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