Discussion in 'RAW' started by GeeTeaIye, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. For those of you who watched RAW, you saw Mark Henry return (finally).
    So what do you think is next for him? Just squashing people, feud with Lesnar, WHC?
    Btw, dig his new shirt.
  2. It was awesome. I marked.
    I really don't know what he'll be doing, I guess we'll have to wait and see. I doubt Henry/Lesnar is happening, and it's too soon to take the title off Del Rio.

    And yes, his shirt rules.
  3. Marked hard, although some people spoiled it in Skype -.-.

    Oh well, it was awesome.
  4. I'm watching RAW right now and I sure as hell marked so hard when I heard his music go off. I'm a huge Mark Henry fan, great to see him back.
  5. ADR for the WHC, or Ryback to introduce him to the Hall of Pain. I'd enjoy both of those scenarios.
  6. I loved his return! It was very unexpected and intense. It should be interesting what he does next - perhaps a title shot is in his future?
  7. It was a good return he won't win the whc right away but later in the year i can see him doing so. Would not mind a feud with Bryan after the tag team angle as they have unfinished business.
  8. Only good part of last nights show.
  9. We need a Del Rio/WSM feud.
  10. Definitelyyyyyy.

    Need Henry to bury Show first.
  11. I loved it, even though I read the spoilers and saw he returned. It's good to see he came back with his Hall of Pain as a dominant SOB. Should be great, definitely in the chamber match.
  12. I think he'll feud with either ADR or Ryback. Was great to see him back, marked out.
  13. Mark Henry is a beast, I'd like to see him Feud with Ryback! Though he might going down the D-Bry route at the moment.
  14. I hope CM Punk enters his hall of Pain
  15. I think he'll win the Chamber, ADR will beat him at WM and then he'll destroy him after the match, making Ziggler cash in.
  16. I'm kinda tired of ADR fighting people much bigger and stronger than him :dawg:
  17. Well, I'm tired of watching Cena in his current character, but that doesn't really stop WWE from shoving him down my throat :downer:
  18. It was simply awesome, don't have a doubt of it, I wan't for him to feud one of the biggest stars in WWE, I don't know someone like The Big Show
  19. It's honestly the easiest way to get him over as a face doe
  20. I would have preferred him coming back and destroying DB, starting a feud. Still, it's nice to see him back.
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