[SPOILER] Another Aces & Eights Member Revealed

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  1. And it's Garrett Bischoff, oh hooray, we are so surprised and so excited...

    Anyway, I didn't see this news posted so there you go. What do you think?
  2. To quote TNAsylum... "Aces and Eights are a faction in desperate need of credibility and star power"

    Nothing says credibility and star power like Garrett Bischoff.
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  3. Where did you see this?
  4. If I tell you it sort of spoils this weeks Impact. Me telling you this may have already spoiled it though. So I may as well spoil it further:

    "TNA taped the steel cage match from Manchester between Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle first. Angle won a great match back and forth before a masked Aces and Eights member attacked angle and revealed himself to be Garett Biscoff. Wes Briscoe came for the save and turned himself revealing another Aces and Eights jacket."

    Just saw the Wes Briscoe bit :O.
  5. Jesus, thats terrible. Win Testify again :facepalm:
  6. And Angle will be facing Brisco at Lockdown.
  7. They've lost me now, whatever small interest I had in the story line is now dead.
  8. Okay... I try to avoid spoilers unless it's Smackdown, but I care so little about this faction that I didn't mind it spoilered... why? Because of terrible writing like this. They've done everything they could to establish "anonymity is power", but now Taz, Garett, and Wes all just reveal themselves? Why? Well, don't get me wrong, the faster these guys unmask themselves and end this charade the better, but this is weak.

    Not to mention this faction's been jobbed out repeatedly, and considering so far the guys we know are all jobbers, rookies, a color commentator, and Devon... Why are they still wasting time on this? Maybe it's a ratings draw after Brooke Hogan's wedding, but... :facepalm:
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  9. Agreed with Rain. In what way is this stable supposed to be considered powerful?
  10. You just tagged Testify into a spoiler thread. I'm sure he doesn't read spoilers.
  11. He does not and he said he will "testify" who ever spoiled for him or something.
  12. Whoops :jeritroll:

    Thanks for fixing it
  13. I thought it was common knowledge that Briscoe and Bischoff were going to be revealed as A8's.
    Garrett will probably be a pretty good heel.
  14. I watched the part where they're revealed, how predictable and how boring.
  15. I really don't think this is the worst thing ever.
  16. Really? I assume you didn't see his previous heel run?

    It was predictable -- one of the reasons I didn't like the revelation -- and anticlimactic. This stable is meant to be intimidating and riddled with star power and youth, but do you see any of that? It makes it even worse when you have one of them on commentary as well in my opinion. I really dislike this storyline which unfortunately makes TNA rather hard to watch at the moment, but the other stuff was decent on the night.

    I despise Garrett on our screen, but what makes it even worse is that with Garrett being involved there is a big chance that Eric has something to do with this. Garrett is probably second only to Eric of characters I don't want to see on my TV.
  17. I actually don't think I was watching much wrestling around the time that happen, so nah. Still, beats Face Bischoff.
    I do agree that this A8s bullshit has been lame though.
  18. Ha, true.

    Agreed. At first I sort of liked the idea of it as I'm a stable mark naturally, but they pulled it off totally wrong in my opinion. I was really hoping Bully was going to be behind the group to save the story and renovate my interest, but that hasn't turned out to be the case thus far.

    The faster it is over the better, and the better TNA as a product gets (imo).
  19. I'm actually more interested in the tag team title scene (wet dream & Bad Influence) than the A&8s angle and the WC. That just ain't right
  20. They built it up way too much, you'd think John Cena or CM (fucking) PUNK were jumping ship and taking over TNA or some shit. Lol
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