[SPOILER] Big name in Nashville for RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. :hmm: Let the speculation begin.
  2. Major Name to Return Tonight

    Just been listening to WOR, The Undertaker is in Nashville, TN today and will be returning tonight.

    It's expected he'll make an announcement that he will be at the Elimination Chamber. He's then expected to interfere in the result of Punk/Rock (perhaps Shield interefere but then the lights go out again and out comes Taker? IDK) which then sets up there match at Mania.
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    Can you merge this with the thread I made about with the picture of him in Nashville? @crayo
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    Taker returning should get me fired up for the RTWM finally, seeing him in a fresh fued for the first time in years is pretty exciting.
  5. Taker in Nashville for RAW?

    nigga b lookin old

    @"Senhor Perfect" :jeritroll:
  6. Taker in Nashville for RAW?

    Spoiler in the title dude... Fixed.
  7. Taker in Nashville for RAW?

    :YES:! But it Undertaker come back tonight on Raw it would don't if that set up a Punk/Taker feud b/c then we know he would infeare in the match at EC PPV. But if he coming back tonight to help HHH by HHH asking him to vs. Brock L. at WM29 then it would make sense.
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    Thanks Albin.
    Yeah deth he does look pretty ancient in the pic.
  9. Wonder if he'll be involved with Mark Henry? I would prefer a Punk/Taker interaction though if Taker is indeed returning.
  10. Going for a Rocky Balboa look

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