SPOILER: Brock Lesnar prepares for his battle at Royal Rumble

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Dec 15, 2014.

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  2. let's go Cena
  3. Currently praying to the wrestling gods that this is a Last Man Standing Match
  4. why u want Lesnar to Kick Cena's ass?
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  5. Most people would like to see this outcome again, especially since that would most likely lead into a Roman Reigns vs Lesnar at WM31 matchup for the title and that would be a pretty huge WM moment.
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  6. I kno im just messing around I wanna see Roman get the belt also
  7. Bork is gonna kill you, Bork is gonna kill you.

  8. Are you sure that that's the final chapter? :sassy:
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  9. whoever win's the belt seth will go after it Question is will The Beast Brock win or will My Man John cena AA Brock and Get the belt?
  10. Here's to hoping, brother. :please-54:
  11. 4 AA's couldn't do it the last time, doubt they will this time around, as well. :brock:
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  12. wanna make a friendly bet on that Buddy just me and U?
  13. :nope:

    I'd hate to see ya lose :happy:
  14. lol its ok if I do Just leave me some $$ to place bets lol
  15. Hey, I'm tellin' ya. Bork is gonna win.

    Unless they feel like giving Cena the title, only for him to drop it to Rollins a few minutes later... Fine by me. But I doubt it's gonna happen.

    I'd much rather see Bork defeat Cena at the Rumble, go on to WM31, have a clusterfuck match with Reigns and then Rollins would cash in on Reigns. And everything would be alright in this world.
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  16. wait a min If u think seth will get the belt from Reigns? Seths is good but with Reigns back and prob will kill SETH
  17. That's a nice joke, right there. :happy:
  18. I mean Reigns and Brock are Big Dudes so I might be wrong :bitw:
  19. Lesnar is a legit badass, Reigns is not.

    Lesnar > Reigns all the way, in every way.
    Rollins > Reigns all the way, in every way.

    Fact. Sorreh, I'm not really big on little Cena 2.0
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  20. ok ok u win lol
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