Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 28, 2013.

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  2. Dude is so butt hurt haha
  3. He broke a $30 blu ray disc over a pre determined wrestling result, wtf is wrong with people :lol1:
  4. LoL, TBH I was really pissed when DB lost at mania like a scrub. It almost ruined the show for me.
  5. That's the whole point. He is pissed off at this pre determined result. CM Punk shouldn't have lost it until Wrestlemania.
  6. Overreacting much?
  7. :lol1:

    Oh man, so funny...

    Listen to the 2nd video with your eyes closed.. When the starts the sentence ''Michael.......'' I thought I was watching That 70's Show. :dawg:
  8. Wish someone made a reaction of Gohan when Punk lost.
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  9. I can't wait to see Gohan go on a rant.
  10. She appeeshiates it Michael.

    Why the hell would you upload a video openly admitting an overweight man-child who still has wrestling figures in his room is your boyfriend?
  11. That's a great question.
  12. Michael is my new hero. Legend. I should've done that. That guy is awesome.
  13. I love his face right after it happens. He's so disgusted haha
  14. That video is perfection Danielson. Just every little thing about it is awesome, thanks for the share. You made my day. :obama:
  15. This has been a great morning for me. The reaction from the IWC is amazing.
  16. Not so great for me, I'm the IWC reacting sort of. But that video still made me laugh :dawg:
  17. I just know it is what it is. Cena has basically been champ for the past 450 days. It was always going to happen this way.
  18. Yeah, I know. Worst thing is that I actually predicted it, but was hoping it wasn't going to go down like this :downer:
  19. I'd love for Punk to take on the Undertaker at mania. I don't want to see him get over looked by both cena and rock in a triple threat match. Punk doesn't look good in that scenerio at all. Who do you want to see Punk fight at mania?
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