*Spoiler* CM Punk, The Rock, etc.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Due to the result we have just witnessed at the Elimination Chamber, does this show us that the Wrestlemania match up will now be a triple-threat with Punk involved? The ending of the match was a superbly-booked clusterfuck. Punk technically won, but no official to pin him. Then had him down again with no official. The finally Rock won with the third official pinning him, so he has some legitimate beef to shout and moan about to put him into the frame.

    What do you think?
  2. The match was boring,.
    Two things came out of this.

    - Punk Got Screwed
    - Punk looked strong
  3. I hope so but there already promo cena vs. rock at WM29 for WWE Title but hope he is. The only way I could since it is if punk the title by DQ but he lost by pin. The only way i could came see Punk in it now is if that have a contract signing and cm punk beat up cena or paul get the sheild to be a cena and then cm punk come out of to the ring and sign the contract after rock has sign already it to be in the main event at wm29 so then vince make the match a 3 way at wm29 like that did with hbk and benoit back in 2004 hay wwe has rehay many thing before from that past anyway by ripping of gimmick and storyline so why not another one?!

  4. That's actually fucking awesome. Punk/Shield owning Cena and then signing the contract himself to force him into the event would be incredible for Punk's character (as it makes sense completely) and is a great way to book him into the match.

    Nice one Randy :obama:
  5. So since it was better than the Royal Rumble match, it's not boring? :pity:
  6. BTW, am I the only one shocked Randy didn't use caps?
  7. get good reason why it was boring? I was in the match the who. ownly thing i though kind of funny was that when cm punk hit the rock buttom on rock on though annument table it did not break yet it back when rock botchest on the annument table 1 month early!?
  8. I think that there is an amazing possibility for Punk to be involved in the match, and to win back his title.
  9. They added more support to the table cause of last time.
    But some of the Punk haters will say cause he's weak. :pity:
  10. what are u talking aboutb it sopost break that point of annument tables!?
  11. Looks like a triple threat is almost certain now. Not that I didn't predict this the moment Cena gave that promo (about he has never beat Rock OR CM Punk) on Raw the night after Wrestlemania. The fact that they already showed the graphic for Rock versus Cena only further convinces me (by making people definitely think it's Cena versus Rock, only to serve people later by adding Punk to the match.)
  12. Glad it'll turn out that way like I had hoped. Was not interested in rock/Cena II. Takers health probably had a lot to do with the decision.
  13. http://www.wwe.com/videos/playlists/elimination-chamber-2013-exclusive-videos

    Seems to me like Heyman and Punk might be going their seperate ways. Heyman "why would he hit me?" "I should sue"
  14. I believe they did the finish so that if Taker is a no-go, then Punk has the option of joining the WWE title match.
  15. I hope not. I saw Rock's interview there, completely non-kayfabe which was great. Not sure if he realises that WWE.COM videos are kayfabe videos though lmao. Oh well, was great to hear about his respect for Punk etc.
  16. The one below the one you watched is the Heyman one. http://www.wwe.com/videos/paul-heyman-receives-assistance-walking-to-the-locker-room-wwecom-exclusive-feb-26092503
  17. Tonight will set the tone for WM. If taker shows up it is Punk vs Taker. If not PUnk will be in the wwe title match methinks.
  18. I do agree the match was boring. It defiantly looks to be a three way match at WrestleMania for the Championship.
  19. I'm literally begging Taker not to show up.
  20. Yeah, I think it's down to whether Taker shows up or not. The finish was great, Punk looked very strong and that is a good thing, I'm almost certain Punk will be wrestling Rock and Cena, maybe that's me giving too much credibility to dirt sheets but still.
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