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  1. Err... where are they going with him exactly? They've built him up massively over the last few weeks, for what? A fued with Curtis Axel?
  2. ADR needs a new contender.
  3. Fuck him going into a feud with Curtis Axel. Fuck that completely.
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  4. I could see Daniel Bryan winning the IC title from Axel, holding it until RR where he goes on to win the Rumble.
  5. Bryan&Punk vs Lesnar/Axel
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  6. Never thought of this. Would be dope. But I see Punk / Lesnar going solo.
  7. They can do Punk/Bryan versus Lesnar/Axel at Summerslam and then separate both rivalries into singles matches at the next PPV or two but I can't see Brock Lesnar agreeing to team with Curtis Axel. He seems like an independent monster who wouldn't want to team with anyone, even a person who Heyman is on good terms with. Plus, every match he's been in thus far has been a no holds barred match and I can't see WWE using him in just a standard tag team match (although this could be a no holds barred tag team match, though I don't see it), and I don't really want to see Punk and Lesnar interact physically in a match with each other until their one-on-one encounter. It's a good way to stretch out both feuds, though.
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  8. Lesnar walks out, leaves Axel to hang?
  9. A waste of Lesnar's dates.

  10. If they went with the tag team match as a big match on Raw as a lead in to two separate matches (Punk/Lesnar, Bryan/Axel) for Summerslam, then I could see Lesnar simply never showing up. They could even show Punk ready to finally get his hands on Lesnar in the match, only for Lesnar to no show, which only builds further anticipation for finally seeing them step in the ring with each other at the PPV. It also would show that Lesnar truly doesn't give a shit about anyone except Heyman (they could show Heyman the following week or later that same week on Smackdown trying to calm Axel down about Lesnar's no show, telling him to deal with and focus on Bryan and not to worry about what Lesnar does since he likes to work on his own terms anyway) and it's also a faux way of drawing in viewers for Raw, making them think Lesnar will be there without actually delivering on it, but doing so in a way that works within the context of the story line.
  11. They can do whatever but Bryan won't win the championship in maybe half a year or so. They don't think Bryan will bring money. What a big mistake...
  12. Agreed but wtf else are they going to do? I woke up still pissed af
  13. I said that like 10 times last night and Lockard and other said No. I agree
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  14. It was confusing to say the least. I dig Axel but he has no business being involved with the hottest commodity in WWE atm.
  15. I can't see him feuding with Axel at all.. if anything I think he will feud with Orton before eventually becoming number 1 contender
  16. I still think DB is just going to kick Axel's head in tonight to make up for MITB and then move into a feud with Cena.
  17. [​IMG]
    Gotta love early predictions.
  18. I guess I owe WWE something of an apology. Although I still don't see what was wrong with having D-Bry gain the title shot through the MITB briefcase. Unless they have some sort of fuckery planned with Bryan winning the title then being cashed in on by Orton thus turning him heel (unlikely IMO), then it just seems like they're using this a method to get Cena some pops.
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