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  1. And how fucking shit it was. More or less an amazing PPV absolutely ruined by that retarded ending.

    1) They both hit their finishers like 6 or 7 times. Completely devalues their finishers now.

    2) Hardy was billed for over half the PPV as being really really hurt. So hurt, he couldn't get up to walk to his first two entrances. So hurt he can't lift his arm. But when Bully puts him in an arm bar submission, he doesn't tab. He can still hit swantom bombs multiple times and twist of fates.

    3) Bully now looks SO weak, again.

    Ugh that was so bad.
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  2. That was awful, I think you've highlighted nearly everything in your post. I'm most let down by no Aces and Eights interference or anything. WTF were the police for?
  3. Forgot to include that.

    Half the PPV also highlighting the police, which I thought were epic. The cops being there added to it, the segments with them were great. But they weren't even needed as it seems simply locking the doors kept them out. It was just so anti-climactic. ARGH.
  4. Agree with everything. It was a horrible way to end it, but i actually bought that he might have been hurt up until the match came down to it. Was expecting a no show and then some other good match. Lets be fair, this PPV was a 9/10 without the end, probably 7.5 or 8 now.
  5. I agree Aids. The ending really ruined it for me.
  6. I can barely remember what happened before now.

    Hardy even being in the final was annoying or me, but now I guess I understand, with this injury angle. The x-division match was great, Roode was great, Hogan was bearable tonight but I hate the tough guy act with him stumbling to the ring with the bat but I understand it, no big deal. Tag team match was great, another lame ending though. X-Divison match was amazing, I didn't want Zema to win but I understand it. Once again though the ending was a bit lackluster for me, but only because the match was so good so I can't critique that at all. Cops scene was fantastic, really added to it.

    Ray was fantastic all night. Ending just put a cloud over all good though. Taz & Tenay really need to gtfo too. But overall it was a very good PPV, if the ending was how I wanted it to be I'd be rating this an 8/9. Unfortunately the ending was the biggest moment by far in the PPV, the PPV was built around that moment, and it just did not deliver.
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  7. The bat part made me laugh, mid 90s hogan all over again. Russo must be behind the scenes, or hogan has too much power. X-division was straight up amazing. Zema getting the W clean and doing work makes the Heel vs face deal so much better, and sets Sanjay up so well for a rematch. The semifinals were awesome, but come on, im going to seperate just for AA

    That fucking brainbuster. Are you kidding me.
  8. This sums up how I feel. :win:
  9. Tap*

    You're welcome

    Ending was weak indeed. Hoped someone would come out after the match..
  10. Wow I forgot about Aries. Quite annoying that he was in the middle of the show, but oh well, he's gold atm. Everything he does is gold.

    I keep forgetting Sanjay's name, but he is amazing. His stuff reminds me of X-Division Aries, I want to see the title on him soon. But the guy needs to learn how to pull off a fake punch first.
  11. He also needs a contract.
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  12. I agree that the after math was shit with no aces and 8's but I went nuts when Hardy won. Up until just a few weeks ago Jeff wasn't really a big part of TNA since about may. Now I'm pretty biased though since Jeff has been one of my favorites since I started watching wrestling when I was 12. That's just my opinion.
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