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  1. THANK



  2. We'll see, hopefully they can fill the buildings.
  3. This is interesting. You have my attention TNA.
  4. Will be interesting to hear crowd reactions outside of the IZ.

    "Lets go Hardy! HARDY SUCKS!"
  5. What happens to the Impact Zone when they aren't using it...
  6. Porn shoots.
  7. They will probably keep it and hold occasional tapings there or something. It's a great back up, no way would they sell it imo.
  8. My guess is that they will probably do something like shooting two episode monthly on the road and then two in the IZ.
  9. Sell? It's Universal Studios on Orlando, lol. They can't "sell" it.

    But yeah, it's a good backup to have.

    This certainly great news for TNA.
  10. Risky move if you ask me. If they cannot fill the venues they will travel to then it will not reflect the product well.
  11. If you don't risk sometimes, you won't success. If they can fill in at least 3000 fans each time they go on the road, it'd be awesome. If they go to Texas regularly, they'll easily get 4000k each time, IMO.
  12. Yes I realize the need to risk sometimes. But the news reports from TNA house shows on the road don't speak well for going outside the IZ. The reports say they sometimes don't even draw 500 people. If they stick to areas that they are known draws in they will do well but if they start going to new areas only I would get nervous.
  13. Yeah, but that are live events, and this is TV taping. There's a huge difference. They're smart enough to draw decently and choose the right places to go.
  14. I'm not a hater of the company however I just don't like certain decisions they do make but this is great news and a great decision for the company.
  15. When they came here in December, I wouldn't have known about it if there wasn't a Direct Auto next to the Hardees I was eating at, and saw a sign.

  16. Ill advertise all over her face, and some in her cleavage.
  17. Marked for this news, they're completely right to take this risk IMO. It's great to see them show some ambition, rather than just be happy to be as far as they have gotten.

    + The first is in Chicago so most likely a hot crowd :yes:
  18. This is so damn good. Impact Zone was very boring, crowd was sleepy they only reacted to Hardy. Now this will be good. I am amazed by fans in UK after all that shows in Impact Zone. This is an end of tradition but it is good for business. Love the work TNA is putting on to be better than before.
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  19. Very good if it works out, I hope they're able to draw some good crowds.
  20. This, fucking this.:obama:
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