(Spoiler) Do you think it's a possible feud?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. We have Lesnar back now, because of Heyman almost getting fired..

    But.... With the video, it totally laid out the Maddox/Shield thing for Heyman and Punk.

    Do you think Punk will go loose on Heyman for letting this happen and Brock stepping between it?

    I know it's soon and Punk is feuding with Rocky untill EC, but I'd rather have Punk/Lesnar than Punk/Rock again...

    Or.... Will Brock allign with Punk/Heyman from now on?
  2. Punk/Lesnar would be an alright feud but Punk isn't turning face anytime soon and wouldn't be my first choice to face Brock anyway. Undertaker/Brock is the way to go for Wrestlemania, even though we all know the Brock match is going to the world's biggest nose.
  3. Maybe after WM we get Lesnar and Punk, but before I don't think they'll get involved.
  4. This.
    I can clearly see a feud between the 2 after WM, it will an interesting feud, but the problem is that one of them (probably punk) will have to turn face again which is not good at all.
  5. i'm more then likely gonna ruin the next few months of the wwe for some people but i just have to know if i'm the only person who see's who is real person behind paul heyman, cm punk brock lesnar the shield and the two other superstars(i don't wanna give away his big surprise if i'm right it's gonna be big well one of the guys ) which i think will from the new super group of the new era and will give rise to the one thing that the wwe has been missing a villain just think about who should be running the wwe right now who hasn't been around in awhile what injustice has the shield been speaking about why would people like laurinaitis, punk, heyman and lesnar think they can challege the great mr mcmahon in his world i first notice it with john laurinaitis it was clear from the start of his rise to power that he wasn't the person in control then the whole "who is he texting thing " and every one just forgot about it cause of kevin nash and triple h thing but that only made say maybe i could be right and the right after john laurinaitis was fried i was like wait huh dam maybe i could be wrong cause he would need a voice and a person to do every for him and then paul heyman return to the wwe alone side cm punk and short after the forming of the shield and brock lesnar return and cm punks great change he keeps saying he'll bring and why brock keeps targeting the Mcmahon family shane i've missed ya and i can't wait to see what you do next
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  7. I could only see Punk/Lesnar if Punk decided he didn't want to be associated with Heyman anymore.
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  16. [​IMG]

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  17. You seem to like the NWO alot. :otunga:
  18. Yeah.. Since Nash tweeted that ''We've got Phil's back'' last summer, I started to think about it and believe it..

    I'd mark..:smug:
  19. I'd prefer a new concept really, but I understand why you'd mark, ofc. I can't deny I'd mark for another Backlund run myself :haha:
  20. Imo they could set up a new concept, but it will fall apart soon again..

    When re-introducing an old stabe, they're over in seconds and they already know how things are going down.
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