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  1. Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin to become the new TNA X Division Saturday’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. The match will air on Thursday, December 12th.

    Also taped on Saturday for the December 12th episode was the return of Madison Rayne, who saved ODB from a Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa attack.

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    From an in ring point of view this is great news. But putting the x belt back on Aries just seems like backpedaling. There is literally nothing left for Aries to do in that division. It's just TNA throwing him a bone because they have nothing for him.
    I'd much rather see them use Aries in a personal rivalry and use the X-division to establish some new fresh faces. It's already established that Aries is legitimately above everyone else in that group.
  3. These spoilers are a huge mess, but fuck it, this is great news. I dislike Kenny King, but he showed desire and fire in one or two promos when he was around (w/ Aries and Sabin), so hopefully the get him back for the Aries program.

    Let's face it, Aries is the only guy in TNA making the title look credible and strong, so I'm all for it.
  4. I know man. Couldn't stop marking for ODB being saved <333
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  5. Awesome to see Madison back. Why the fuck won't they just put Aries in a main event storyline, where he belongs?
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