[SPOILER] Had to post this

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Hahhahahahaha :lol1:
  2. Had to post this

    LOL he get's AAAASSS!
  3. :lol1::lol1: Awesome.
  4. They're actually running the wedding angle whilst Cena and Punk are going for the title?
  5. Yes. Now that you said it it's quite funny, actually. :dawg:
  6. O shits hope aj dont read it :troll:
  7. Goats get loads of ass
  8. lololol :lol1:
  9. bellas are so sexy
  10. Lucky Daniel Brian:youdontsay:
  11. Kayfabe is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think of the children, what if they read this?!?!
  12. Fucking DB he gets all the action but looks like his head is on upside down... I WANT THE TWINS, he can have AJ.
  13. fuck nickie bella dude
  14. Bri got Bryan

    Nikkie has dolph
  15. It's the beard, I swear I need one like that!
  16. Never knew about Dolph, they have fantastic taste in men.
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