[Spoiler] Heath Slater...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Samalan, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. I take it he is no longer a jobber after his win against Sin Cara? Does this mean he won't lose every match or was this just a one time win?
  2. He won against Sin Cara, when. I haven't seen it yet?
  3. I think Creative is just mocking us.
  4. Smackdown, which is why this is a spoiler.
  5. Okay, thanks.
  6. Well, it shows he's above the level of random jobbers like... let's say JTG. He worked the angle with the legends very well and he should get a push for that. Him winning (although Rhodes interfered) is a sign that they haven't thrown all the work he did with the legends away, it indicates that he's getting a bit higher up the card, but not that much, it wasn't clean. Plus, he should get a new finisher. His neckbreaker after shoving the guy in the turnbuckle looks better than this Reverse DDT.
  7. Good, the guy so needs a push.
  8. it wasn't a clean victory :@@ means nothing really
  9. I agree, and get back in the discussion thread.
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