Spoiler: How should they book the US title now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 19, 2013.

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  1. Now that someone somewhat prestigious and strong has it at the moment (Dean Ambrose), and is around the main event scene as well as the upper midcard. How should they book it? Should he have individual feuds for the title, should Shield simply go on a "we want all titles" spree, or should they simply neglect it and use it as a prop for this dominant group (seems likely)? How would you book it?
  2. Just have various people (Kofi in a rematch to start it off) try to qualify for taking the belt off of Ambrose. I think Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose could have a great United States Title feud. I smell the end of Team Hell No coming in the future so it wouldn't be an issue for him to wrestle for a singles belt.

    Perhaps the way Team Hell No can "split" is to have one sell an injury angle and go away for a short while. And then by the time he comes back, the other guy has already moved on and so they don't simply reunite as a team once the injured guy returns. Say Kane takes a massive beat down and disappears for a couple of months. Bryan is all on his own and enters into a feud with Ambrose over the title.
  3. Book it like it should be booked. An important secondary title that prepares its holder for the main event.
  4. So the WHC?
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  5. Technically the WHC is supposed to be a main event belt. They just don't know how to book it that way.
  6. Obviously drop to Bo Dallas
  7. You are such an Ambrose mark Crayo. Finally bringing prestige to the title. He is going to get a quality feud, but i'm honestly not sure who. Could be someone new getting a huge push (doubtful) or a returning star. Id be happy to see Christian on my TV again.
  8. I'd like to see a good, lengthy title reign from Ambrose and as the Shield is on the urge of splitting (Hopefully a while from now.) THEN you have them feel like, "Hey, my nigga Dean.. I want 'dat title!" and then have them hint a split until it actually happens. One aligning with the other (Probably Rollins and Reigns) and Ambrose goes his own singles run.
  9. Like KLock said, Dean vs Bryan..

    Damn that would be an epic feud imo. Hope they will spread it out over 3 monts or so to keep them facing each other and have a great storyline.
  10. It'll either function just like Devon's TV title does or we'll have midcarder by midcarder trying to take the belt, I think.
  11. I think DB is above the U.S. title at this point in his WWE career. I don't want him to take a step back like the miz and fight for the minor titles. I'd prefer him fight other feuds before that. It's just my preference, but I have to admit I like those two in the ring together.
  12. Dude held the tag-titles with Kane who didn't mean shit untill they got the straps. Even when they were the tag-champs, Bryan was at upper level where the tag-titles still were pretty ''meh''.
    They pretty much revamped the tag division imho, the US title is called a ''jobber title'' now. But even with DB being a ME guy (or should be ME now), no matter the situation, him going for the US title could be a good thing to revamp that division as well.

    To be honest, Cesaro got it up a little, but it's still shit now..
  13. Bryan fighting Ambrose for it won't be a step back, since Ambrose is higher than Bryan on the card right now. It would be more of a Bryan/Ambrose feud rather than a "Oh I really want the jobber title!"
  14. Swagger needs a new feud and could go for the US belt because it belongs to a 'real American' etc. Storyline basically rights itself.

    Anything to get him away from Ziggler...
  15. Swagger :haha:

    Not sure if he's getting any shit soon.
  16. Swagger/Orton would be pretty good, IMO they had a good fight on RAW.

    Once Team Hell No break up, maybe Bryan for the US title feuding with Ambrose, would definitely give the US title a push.
  17. Bryan has already been there and done that. Ambrose has not, it's a step back for Bryan in my eyes.
  18. Is it though? Team Hell No has spent a while with the tag belts, and up until The Shield came into it there has basically be zero other good tag teams, so any singles title is better than a dead weight tag title. This isn't an attack at Daniel Bryan, I just think the tag titles are near on worthless at the moment, and a shot at a decent feud with Ambrose (basically stealing every show hes on) is surely a better thing than rotting away in Team Hell No fighting Tons Of Funk?
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  19. Definitely. Ambrose/Bryan almost instantly becomes the best feud in WWE. Bryan would thrive being the most over babyface against one of the best heels in the company.
  20. I do think so. It's time for him to get into matches for the WHC again. I don't want to see him in the hunt for the U.S. title. He could get in some matches against orton, show, henry, etc etc until whoever ziggler is fueding with is done.

    For the time being I suspect DB and Kane to continue feuding with Reigns/Rollins. After that what I said first Is what i want to see.
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