WrestleMania Spoiler: Huge Match Now Set for WrestleMania 29

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by CM Punk, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Now since John Cena couldn't do the job, we're supposed to believe they'll get it done with Orton? :cornette:
  2. MOTN confirmed
  3. Why were they making it seem like Big Show was gonna be in Ryback's place as well? And what is Big Show's place at Wrestlemania if not against The Shield? Maybe they'll injure him before the event and then he'll return to help cost them the match. The only way I could see them losing given that it's the same match as Elimination Chamber except having a lesser star taking Cena's place.
  4. They need to make it a stipulation match again IMO. EC was a great match, mainly for the result, but TLC was just on another level.
  5. From what I make out from the spoilers Ryback will most likely opt out of this match to go after Henry (they now have beef) which will result in Orton and Sheamus having to chose big Show. Since Show said he wanted in on the match in the first place.
  6. I can see Randy Orton turning on his team, and give The Shield the win!!!
  7. Orton > Cena
  8. No Ryback/Henry?
  9. Want me to spoil from Smackdown? It explains things. And don't count Ryback/Henry out.
  10. Sure. I know they were having a match there, but if he's in this match, doesn't that rule out Henry/Ryback for WM?
  11. Before the main event Show talked with Orton and Sheamus about taking on the Shield at mania (shield made a challenge). They decided to go with Ryback instead and Booker made it official. Then in the main event Shield attacked Ryback before Henry hit him with 3 WSS's. So I think that Ryback will opt out of the shield match to go after Henry now. Since that caused some legit beef between them.
  12. Oh sweet, dope.
  13. This show also included Kane vs Dolph and Bryan brawling with Big E.
  14. Who should replace Ryback though? Jericho? Big Show?
  15. Seems to be Show. He seems to be in a slow face turn. He has expressed interest to go after Shield. But Orton and Sheamus turned him down. It will probably end up with Show being the only guy willing to go against the shield.
  16. Would prefer it to be Y2J, but it's probably going to be Big Momentum Killer.
  17. Seems like Jericho will get involved in this seeming Miz/Barrett/Jericho program. Who ever is champion at mania vs one of the contenders and the other as ref me thinks.
  18. Three way for the IC title I think. Barrett steals a cheap win next Monday setting up the rematch for WM. Reign #10 for Jericho.
  19. That could also work. Helps bring some prestige back to the title having three stars feud for it. Jericho is over for life and has the predigree. Miz is out there in the media and Barrett will benefit from it since it will be a good match (Jericho can get a good match out of everyone) and if he drops it he necessarily doesn't have to eat the pin, which protects him.
  20. It can set up Jericho/Miz in a feud for the title in which Jericho puts him over. If Flair's backing and beating Y2J for the IC title doesn't get Miz over, nothing will. Miz's final shot to get over.
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