[Spoiler] Is ADR starting to be booked like Eddie?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. And if so, is this a good move? After watching the RR and seeing ADR win in such an epic way, it made me think about Eddie Guerrero. Finally WWE can book a heel who has just turned face like a heel and have it come off. ADR looked like gold and the crowd were totally into it, he has the look and mannerisms to get away with such cheeky cheat wins.

    This was the first PPV that I had hoped that Dolph didn't cash in.
  2. He has been acting a bit like guerrero since turning. With being a bit off a prankster. I could see it work.
  3. For sure, it's starting to look like it and I love it. Hope that this works out well in the long run.
  4. Bret Hart endorsement = :win:
  5. Seems like it and I'm okay with it, beats having another Sheamus/Cena type babyface.
  6. Right now, he is, and it couldn't be any better.

    But remember, Punk was still a relatively interesting character this time last year, and we saw how that went down after the post-Mania Creative lull set in. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  7. Definitely, this is what I've been asking for for ages now and it's awesome that they have :yay:
  8. How long until he's a smiling super face?
  9. Thought that's already the case, but he was a smiling heel too; not much of a change there.

    But you already knew that :ADR:
  10. By smiling superface I mean Sheamus. Hugging every face around, shaking hands with all of his past enemies who're faces. Then going out to a match, lying down for most of it, does some super moves and then wins.
  11. In that case no, ADR is much more talented than Sheamus. His new face friendly move set is so much more fun to watch. Don't think he'll be a superman type.
  12. You really don't think Sheamus is talented? I thought the fact he was shoved down our throats was why he was hated, not his talent level.

    EDIT: I do remember earlier on him being carried a lot though.
  13. I didn't say Sheamus had no talent, I said ADR is way more talented.
  14. Ahh ic
  15. Yeah, there's a big chance this won't last long and we'll have ourselves another smiling generic babyface, I don't doubt it at all. Hoping for the best even though it's probably useless.
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