[Spoiler] Is he back for Wrestlemania as well?

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  1. We saw Chris Jericho return in what was my highlight of the Royal Rumble. Is he back for a Wrestlemania storyline with Dolph (or anyone else)? Or was it just one of those surprise returns at the Rumble?
  2. There was a lot of interaction between the two so I'm guessing they'll get a proper rubber stamp match at Mania.
  3. If he doesn't compete in the MITB match (if there is one, and no doubt there will be), then he and Ziggler will probably compete against each other. I'm having a hard time figuring out how Ziggler will fit into Wrestlemania if he isn't in the WHC and a match with Jericho could be it.
  4. I don't think they do MITB matches at mania anymore, it has it's own ppv.
  5. He better be. :mad1:
  6. There was talks of it coming back a while ago. Wrestlemania needs a match to throw a lot of leftover people in to ensure as many people as possible get on the card and MITB is a good way to do it. Hell In A Cell has it's own PPV as well, but Triple H/Taker still had a HIAC match at Mania last year.
  7. Ahhh they won't. People are going to tune into Mania regardless of the gimmick matches. The MITB PPV is one of the good ones. That's just my opinion.
  8. They're different, I don't think they can be compared really. I don't see it returning either. I doubt they would want three stars with briefcases running around, with one of the stars having the ability to cash in on any champion, it would just be a mess.
  9. I remember him saying this once about his returns:

    "When I return, I just don't return as a one off, I'll be on the road and do all the PPV's for at least six months."

    Based on that, I'm guessing we'll see him stick around.
  10. Well, I guess we'll see. Otherwise, there's likely gonna be some people left out of Wrestlemania.
  11. I was so damn happy when I saw Jericho return! That was easily the most surprising and exciting thing for me tonight on the Royal Rumble. I could see him going back to his rivalry with Dolph and having a match at Wrestlemania. I'm just happy to have him back! :jeritroll:
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  12. Hope he's at WM putting Ziggler over, yes.
  13. I can almost guarantee that he and Ziggler will continue their feud.
  14. Yeah, he will. Very pleased with it as well.
  15. Ziggler cashes in at EC, Jericho/Ziggs for the WHC at WM? :gusta:
  16. Just leaving this little video here:

  17. Hope Jericho will still be around come July. Would love to see him live.
  18. Fuck yeahhhh. This will be the match I'm most excited about going into WM.
  19. Wow, another rematch for 'Mania!

    But seriously, excited for this one, there Summerslam one was a little disappointing given the two involved, a 20 minute match at WM will be awesome - although I'd still rather Del Rio/Ziggler.
  20. their*
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