Spoiler: Main event next week...

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. Is Kane vs Dean Ambrose.

    Can not wait for that. Though I need to ask something, why does Dean get these matches? Is it a sign? WWE maybe testing the waters with the guy they will most likely be putting their chips into out of the trio? I'm not complaining since I'm such a huge Dean Ambrose mark, and I'm glad WWE recognise him like we do.

    I'm liking that Shield appear on both shows too, but it's probably quite demanding on them.
  2. Dean must be on his way to big things.
  3. It's probably to get him used to working high profile singles matches and wrestling big guys. I actually don't remember Ambrose wrestling guys the size of Undertaker or Kane before in his career. He is the center piece of the Shield so it is logical they test the waters with him first. I expect them to do the same with Seth and Roman later. Maybe not as high profile matches but they will start getting singles matches.

    Or it could just be to set up the Shield vs Hell No match for ER.
  4. I think it's to get him prepared for the big stage, going on his own. Getting him some in ring on his own against WWE's veterans that are willing to help him out. It also helps that Kane's one part of the tag team champions, and can also help forward the feud that they are having.
  5. It's obviously to continue the feud with Team Hell No. Same with them getting involved in the tag match with The Shield again last night.

    In another time, a one on one feud between psychotic Dean Ambrose and monster Kane would be awesome. Imagine Ambrose threatening to set Kane on fire again (anyone ever made that threat to Kane? Don't remember so...) and even saying he's not afraid of fire (or pain in general) himself. He could even do like the dude off Lethal Weapon and put a lit lighter to the bottom of his arm and hold it there on-screen for several seconds and still talk in a calm voice without showing any sign of pain.
  6. I'm really excited for this match-up. Regardless if it's just being used to further the feud with the Undertaker and Team Hell No, I think it's a great way to get Ambrose in singles matches and increase his exposure as a single competitor. Kane is a great competitor so I envision a great match-up ahead.
  7. Dean for the win! (LOL it rhymes)

    But shouldn't The Shield guys go alternating, Ambrose/Taker, Ambrose/Kane, is it going to be Ambrose/DBry? I think it should be Ambrose/Taker, Reigns/Kane and Rollins/DBry
  8. Obviously, but so far, they have just used Ambrose. Why not Rollins or Reigns? That's the question.
  9. Meh, don't think we should overthink it. It'll help give him some singles experience ofc but it's just to further the storyline, I believe.
  10. It's only two matches thus far lol. When he's the guy defending The Shield in four or five or more matches, then I'll scratch my head over it. I can think of a couple of reasons:

    -I said myself that Reigns and Rollins seems to balance each other well because of one's quickness and the other's brute force and so they seem fit to win the tag team titles. This would likely mean that Ambrose won't have a match at Extreme Rules, and they're making up for it by letting him be the one to wrestle people on the TV shows?

    -Could be a set up for Taker/Ambrose for Extreme Rules? It does seem Taker is close to retirement, which is why he doesn't mind working more dates than usual at this point in his career. Undertaker has been appearing on everything lately - not just Wrestlemania but a house show, Raw, Smackdown and so maybe next, his first ever appearance on The Main Event? He comes back for revenge and this sets up a Taker/Ambrose match for the PPV. I doubt this since Taker's beat down last week seem pretty definite and I don't think we'll be seeing him again for awhile but Taker returning when Ambrose is in a match with his brother Kane (after coming off a match with he himself last week) would make sense.
  11. Wouldn't mind either of those scenarios to be honest, the latter one being awesome. I know it's only two matches, but you would have thought they would have shaken it up a little bit regarding which Shield member competes. Especially when Rollins himself is a fantastic worker.
  12. They might be letting us get used to the three members as individuals. Giving us a couple of Dean matches, making us get used to seeing him work a full match alone, then we get a few Seth, then a few Roman (vs other opponents of course so its just not the BOD being jobbed out individually). Giving us a taste of what each man can provide when alone in the ring.
    And I must say they picked guys that benefited Dean's character driven ring style. Taker and Kane are great at structuring a match.I guess Seth will get to work some more high flying/higher tempo/technical matches and Roman gets put against guys that benefit his powerhouse mixed with insane athleticism style.
  13. The shield it's running the WWE right now.

    And yeah, I think it's a sign. Ambrose it's not gonna be on the tag team
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