*Spoiler maybe* It Begins Rumoured Star...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Is in Memphis next week.

    Source: WrestleZone..
  2. It seems to be the dirtsheets taking something pretty obvious and passing it off as news tbh they way they're still on the fence whether he'd show. Surely if an official had said this he'd know if it was jericho showing up. Im gonna mark like a kid if he does though.
  3. The fact he's in the same city (if true) is a big hint though, I mean, coincidence is a bitch but really? And same, it sort of explains why Zigglers match is for next weeks RAW and not the rumble, perhaps the returning star is going to get the RR shot at Punk.
  4. True I don't know it seems like theyre reaching to cover there backs kinda deal. I can't see how he gets a shot st the rumble unless jericho has the office so to speak possible returning with steph ?
  5. Maybe, but WWE have done this plenty of times. Star returns, feuds with champ and gets shot. It's like 3-4 weeks build up left isn't there before RR?
  6. The vids scream Steph and Shane to me, but I'd love it to be Jericho.

    Also, from what I've read, WrestleZone exclusives are mostly a whole lot of bullshit.
  7. Yeah I don't think they're the most credible dirt sheet in the world, I thought a while ago it could be Shane n Steph, but Shane reportedly wants nothing to do with the WWE still.
  8. But Jericho is saying the same thing. I'm guessing one or the other are lying about it. I mean, who really else could this be? These are the only logical two imo.
  9. Shane doesn't really have an history of that though were as jericho is a known troll.
  10. Jericho is a heel on Twitter. He's always said trollish things on there to fool the wwe fans. Where as Shane was serious, he wanted to distance himself from WWE to create his own media-based business I think in Japan.