Spoiler (maybe): Ziggler...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. SEScoops
  2. Are SESscoops reliable?
  3. Seems a bit random to me.
  4. I wonder how the forum would react if he cashed in and failed. :lol1:
  5. SEScoops just reposted it, I think it might have been Meltzer.
  6. JR would get Ziggler over if he was to cash in tonight much more than Cole could. No offence to Cole, just JR has so much passion.

    Tonight has to be the night.
  7. -PWMania
  8. I think he'll cash in tonight.
  9. Everyone would mark out pretty hard.
  10. Wondering how they would play it out.

    I can see Sheamus losing to ADR (especially a dirty loss) and brogue-kicking him and "knocking him out". Then, out comes Ziggler, who cashes in and becomes WHC while Sheamus just looks on in disapproval.

    Set up a triple threat at Hell in a Cell (has there ever been a triple threat HIAC match? I know they did a 6-man one once, but I don't remember a triple threat) and a one-on-one between Ziggler and Sheamus at Survivor Series.

  11. That'd be very nice to see. And yes, a Triple Threat HIAC happened last year at the HIAC PPV, Cena vs Punk vs Del Rio.
  12. :pity:

    Should be a rule about posting Meltzer reports.
  13. Love the idea, as long as we have Dolph as champ.
  14. lol dirtsheets
  15. There was no cash in :emoji_slight_frown: wonder when he will cash in!!11
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