*SPOILER My thoughts about Rick Grimes TWD

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  1. Do not read if you are not caught up with the TV series.

    I just watched the trailer for the upcoming season and realized something. For all the good that Rick tries to accomplish, he's like the grim reaper. Let me explain:

    The original group was doing just fine whilst Rick was in his coma. All of a sudden Rick appears, walkers start attacking the camp for the first time, people start dying, and they have to move on.

    They get to that military building in which that scientist just wants to wait until his time runs out and take himself out. All of a sudden Rick appears, more people die, and they have to move on.

    Then the farm, which is like a paradise and has never been attacked by a huge swarm of walkers. There's food, power, and water. Rick shows up, a huge swarm of walkers destroys the farm, many die, and they have to move on.

    They get to the prison. The inmates they find have been fine, living off of the food in the cafeteria. Rick shows up, makes them leave, they all die.

    Same season, Woodbury. People have built a nice, safe community, protected from the walkers. There are old people, children, and sick people all being taken care of. Rick shows up, tons of people get killed, he makes the survivors move on.

    In the trailer in looks like Rick does something which causes all of them to have to move on again with a lot of people dying.

    If I were a character on the show, I think I'd do my best to stay the fuck away from the guy. It seems wherever he goes if your name isn't Carl your chances of getting killed are pretty high.

    /rant over
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  2. Interesting rant. Many main characters suffer from the same syndrome, it's just the nature of a dramatic TV show. Rick doesn't cause bad shit, bad shit just happens. And because he's the main character, it has to happen around him. The graphic novels are even worse. Rick is a world-class asshat, but the cast worships him like Jesus their savior, despite the fact that every decision he makes leads to multiple character deaths.
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  3. I understand it has to happen that way. I'd just like to see one character point it out and take off.
  4. To be honest that's every series in general. AMC series in general have an overuse of peril because their stagnant areas are so dull and they know it
  5. My point is that someone like Glen should notice this shit in the show and say fuck off I can do better by myself.
  6. They probably will eventually. Most heroes wind up having their failure's thrown back in their face at some point, but if they do, the dissenter (Glen or whoever) will be portrayed as the asshole, while Rick is portrayed as the misunderstood wise one who was only doing his best. And in the end, the whole arc will only go to showcase to Rick's undying resolve, heroism, sex appeal, etc. They'll never sabotage their main character's integrity bad enough that characters would leave him for sensible reasons.

    But I agree, yeah, it would be interesting to see. It would be a pretty cool finale - everybody losing faith, first in Rick, then in survival itself.
  7. This can all be summed up by saying, "It was bound to happen."

    The camp of survivors were out in the wood by a main city, cant remember the main city. They only had like one or two guns at the time and next to no knowledge about how Walkers react to guns and that they themselves were all infected.

    The scientist was living in a building that was going to explode. Honestly, if Rick wasn't there and the group found that place, chances are they'd all have made the mistake about "Once those doors close they close forever."

    Hershel's farm.... They kept walkers in the fucking barn! Not one or two, about 15-25. Every time they placed a new walker in that barn they faced a chance that a walker would attack. Hershel had no clue what he was doing, he was just putting his faith in God until the barn was filled with walkers.

    The prison. That was not at all Rick's fault. The prisoners were trying to kill the group. It was a prisoner who let the walkers in and it the Mexican who tried to throw Rick into a walker.

    Woodbury, again, the Governor had his zombie daughter chained up like a BDSM club. The Governor was a nut. I mean what said normal about him, the zombie daughter, the heads in the fish tank or the fight club surrounded by walkers?

    While its true trouble seems to follow Rick, its more that Rick find himself coming across some of the most retarded people on planet earth. Just for once I'd like a universe where zombie lore actually exists.
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