(Spoiler) New Wrestler at NXT Tapings

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Kill Steen Kill, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    As you see James Storm has been seen at NXT tapings.
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  2. WWE has stated Storm will debut on NXT tapings today on Instagram.
  3. Hell yeah!

    I love that WWE is actually signing stars and letting them use their established persona.
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  4. Great, they need new stars since so many are getting called up. Asuka is a great addition as well for the woman's division, they need depth in that division again.
  5. **patiently waits for Roode and Aries**
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  6. That's good new to hear! Now, bring in Aries and Roode, as well and we're all good!
  7. No to that. I actually want to see Aries in WWE but prefer him in TNA. Also Roode should stay in TNA. The last TNA Original TNA has with Abyss.
  8. Roode needs to go soon. Don't know what's taking him so long.
    Aries has been done with TNA for a while.
  9. Aries has no further interest in TNA. He's freelance but working with ROH going forward
  10. I know that but I still have some hope in me.
  11. Oh shitttttttt........ Yes!
  12. NXT is simply great. Always loved Storm, quite underused in TNA imo actually (shocker).
  13. His TNA Title win was great.
  14. James Storm Has Not Signed With WWE And TNA Is Making Plays

    I believe he has signed a deal with NXT. I might've also read somewhere he's got a player-coach type of deal.
    Storm would be stupid to choose a sinking Titanic over NXT... Also, not to mention TNA offering him more than WWE is hilarious, they can't touch WWE when it comes to bidding.
  15. Stick with NXT. At least people watch that show.
  16. I'm down on Storm, just give dude time to get back to a decent size.
  17. James Storm Permanently Joining NXT?

  18. Storm is back in TNA for good. Fuck.
  19. Only for 2 years. Who cares tbh, I don't find Storm entertaining one bit. Roode and Aries however...
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