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    Bruno Sammartino will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in Madison Square Garden. The announcement will be made on Raw. WWE released the story to ESPN.

    This story was hinted at last night on Live Audio Wrestling. It was kept secret from virtually everyone in WWE and Sammartino had an agreement not to release it ahead of WWE.
  2. Paul Levesque got the job done :bury:
  3. It's great to hear that he's decided to sign for the HOF.
  4. Bruno sold out. :gusta:
  5. Kind of makes him look like a bit of a hypocrite tbh.
  6. @Testify @"Senhor Perfect" - Read the ESPN article...
  7. I did, IMO HHH offered him some money or the chance to make some money through DVDs and such. You don't go from NEVER! To OK no problem over a conversation, my opinion stands.
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  8. Holy fucking shit..

    That's awesome. The man deserves it.
  9. This just seems strange to me for him to be very critical of the direction the wwe has taken and for his name to not be associated with the HOF and him turning them down of a number of occasions.
  10. ''Business''
  11. Congratulations to him.
  12. But his reasoning for never wanting to join was because of the drugs and the profanity that he believes ruined wrestling in the 90's. He didn't want to be associated with what he believed was something promoting steroid use. Obviously times have changed since then, so Triple H showing proof of this would obviously help him change his mind.

    The guy obviously has a lot of pride and from what I've seen has the most untarnished legacy of all the greats. I'm sure he wouldn't want to ruin both because he was offered a sum of money.
  13. This, and I also still stand that he sold out. I really don't care about his "explanation" about why will join after all, it's just excuses.

    In my eyes, he's still a legend, but I look him with a little less respect now.
  14. In my opinion, that's an incredibly narrow-minded viewpoint to take. Who cares if he wants to enter the hall of fame? The hall of fame that does mean so much to people... whether we regard it as prestigious or not. When you look at him you think of what HE has done and what HE has accomplished; entering the hall of fame has only added another accomplishment.

    People change, Bret Hart is proof of that. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. Good for him.
  15. Always figured he would go in eventually anyway. Not to take anything away from Triple H for getting the job done, but a lot of these older guys eventually swallow their pride and bury the hatchet with whoever they have issues with. Bret once said he would never work with Vince again in any capacity and that if they invited him to the HOF ceremony, he wouldn't show up, but he ended up doing both.

    I still think Bruno's change of viewpoint is a bit surreal because him deciding to go in because Triple H showed him a video of the product proving the profanity and vulgarity wasn't really present any longer shows that Bruno hasn't paid much attention to the product for quite awhile, which makes his criticisms of it pretty off base. I also like how he has problem with the profanity and such but not the violence from back in his days - blade jobs and blood, having people believe it was all real whereas people now know it's a show, etc. His criticisms of Hogan also always seemed pretty odd ("his finisher was weak and exposed the business", "my grandmother could do a better legdrop") considering he lost his 8 year title reign in less than ten minutes to a guy who's finisher was nothing more than a flying knee drop.
  16. He actually said he would never work with Vince again in any capacity, but he would go if they invited him to the HOF ceremony. Yes I'm being picky.
  17. I don't know, a knee drop from the turnbuckle (was Koloff's from there? I think it was) sounds much more damaging than a regular leg drop.

    But nonetheless, good. It always felt weird for Sammartino not to be there.
  18. That's because it wasn't a regular leg drop, it was the Immortal Leg Drop.

    In all seriousness, a flying knee drop still seems pretty weak and simplistic as a finisher to me. Most finishers are, but it's something silly for Bruno to complain about. I'm pretty sure a suplex hurts more than both.
  19. No doubt there. If he's complaining about a leg drop there are lots of other finishers he should be complaining about, knee drop included or not, it ends up not being the case. Silly complaint on that regard.
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