Spoiler: Next weeks GM revealed.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 26, 2012.

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  2. next main event: John Cena and Jericho vs Kane and Big Show in a tag team match PLAYA!
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  3. Oh god. OH GOD!
  4. Actual news: He booked Cesaro and Aksana against Layla and Khali for next week's Smackdown.

    What a fucking joke.
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  5. Your avatar is the perfect expression Rain.
  6. It's the perfect expression for anything the WWE does nowadays.
  7. so the obvious ones are out of the way... whos left who can be gm of raw
    stone cold
    or regal

    Those are my predictions.. really wish they would do stephanie or shane mcmahon but i dont see that happening
  8. Eric's in TNA, HBK doesn't want to return to wrestling (he would inevitably wrestle if he was perm GM), Stone Cold would be awesome but has his own show and Regal would be incredible but Vince doesn't have the fetish over him like we do. :emoji_slight_frown:

    Welcome to the forum btw.
  9. cheers...
    hbk will surely do one of the episodes before the 1000 though
  10. He's going to be at the 1000th episode for the DX reunited crap, lol.
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  11. holla holla holla teddy long best gm ever better then johnny ace players!!!
  12. I don't like this man, he isn't with the family. And he came to the day of my daughter's wedding, asking for me and my cousin to fight in a tag team match, but he didn't come in respect. He came looking for money and this entertainment. So I told him, "Why, why do you disrespect me like this? We hardly talk, and now you come wanting a tag team match." So he kissed my hand and got on his knees saying, "Yo playa, no I came to you as a friend, now come be on our tag team match and I'll give you a title shot, holla?" So I agreed to his agreement.
  13. This is good. Shows how worthless he is before it happens, as he nomatterwhat was going to ahve a chance. This week will be crayo's test. Optimism now brother. Optimism now. We need something new here.
  14. Shit man unbearable raw coming next week. I think we should have Vickie as permanent GM Raw was better than usual this week and Smackdown seems like such a delight.
  15. HBK didn't wrestler when he was commisioner in AE. I would mark for a teddy long heel turn though. Teddy starts crying cuz Aksana left him and puts her in a a match against big show.
  16. Looks like Randy and BLFFL are going to get their jollies next week then.
  17. This will be interesting however he is better then Vickie anyway.
  18. As long as they don't waste half the night with him poorly flirting with the Divas which pisses me off so much as it's always a waste of a fucking segment then I dont't mind.

    Apologies for the swear but those segments really get on my nerves.
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