[SPOILER] Now that Big Show has...

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  1. Beat Sheamus AGAIN! How long until Ziggler cashes in the MITB briefcase? Royal Rumble? Elimination Chamber? Or will they put it on free TV? I think it'll be as soon as possible, maybe as early as this week since Smackdown is live.
  2. Now that Big Show has beaten Sheamus AGAIN!

    He'll do it at the Rumble, guaranteed.
  3. Edited title for you btw, helps avoid complaints from those who haven't seen TLC.

    Though I have no idea why they would be going into SmackDown/RAW sections when they haven't seen it yet...
  4. I clicked new posts.
  5. Again, not wise, go watch TLC.
  6. My bad, sorry guys. :sad:
  7. Dolph vs Face Berto at 'Mania? :gusta:
  8. Ziggler will cash in at the Rumble or before then, Either way, by the time the event is over, Ziggler will be WHC. That way, when Cena wins the Rumble (I've switched my prediction from Ryback to Cena), it'll look like he could either choose a rematch with Rock or continue his feud with Ziggler for the WHC, even though we all know he'll choose to fight The Rock.
  9. I can't say, really. Don't know. :dawg:
  10. GET OUTTA HERE LEO!!!! :bury::bury::bury:


    ASAP please, WWE. Just fix it at the Rumble, then.
  11. Damn it Jose, I already explained why it didn't happen last night. They're still thinking about the new situation. :lol1:
  12. [​IMG]

    But I don't want it to happen again, bro..
    Therefore, please.. Keep the info/thoughts down. :silva:
  13. OK then. Since I still don't know anything that won't be a problem though.
  14. Good. :finger:


  15. Should have happen already :aries:
  16. I think saddly is going to be shortly. after raw and him almost cash in that tell that close to when that want him to cash in. and SD Live Tonight that could do it tonight. I don't see wait until the Rumble though.
  17. I hope it's soon as I can't stand Slow with the title. Crossing my fingers for SD live tbh but after the antics on RAW last night I doubt it.
  18. Maybe Cena will be preoccupied with Big E, allowing DZ to cash it in without worrying about Superman.
  19. This is a fair possibility of what could happen and I hope so as I've had enough of Slow as champion. It's just lame.
  20. I guess they didn't want to have DZ beat Sheamus for the title because they want to save that feud for a later date. Thus they had to put it on Show for a couple of months. Like it was stated in another thread, Sheamus is easier to watch as a challenger than as champion.
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