(spoiler) NXT Guy's Vignette at Raw

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  2. Can someone post it? Was so awesome.
  3. Haven't watched RAW yet. Was it the snake one that they had on NXT recently?
  4. Okay that was a well put together vignette. Smart way to implement Harper and Rowan as well. Harper has one of the best demented faces in wrestling swear to god.
  5. That was very very weird promo. Suits them.
  6. So glad they're sticking with his current gimmick too. I was fearful they would do some oh-so-typical last minute WWE changes. I wonder who his first feud would be against.
  7. Probably some mid carder that they want to bring into the family. A face in need of a heel run. For some reason I feel Santino would be a great fit. Would allow him to demonstrate his real in ring skills and not just be comedy fodder.

  8. This, or at least water the gimmick down. If anything they are heavily emphasizing the Manson Family qualities of the group, which is perfect.
  9. Love this is going on, his gimmick looks pretty cool and can bring some entertainment to WWE imo

  10. This is fucking great
  11. He'll likely start off by hanging back and not feuding with any one particular person for about the first month or so. He and his "family" will just observe the other wrestlers while they (or just Wyatt) defeat nobodies in the ring whose only purpose will be jobbing. I'm thinking of how Undertaker was running the Ministry Of Darkness in late '98/early '99 and how aside from feuding with Vince and his Corporation, he was sort of not in direct conflict with any one particular wrestler, rather he was just watching from the back and trying to pick which guys he wanted to "convert" into his Ministry and whatnot. Like Mable in early 1999, for example.

    Eventually, after a short while, Wyatt will come upon someone who he thinks would be a good fit for his family and then a rivalry will start brewing when said person wants nothing to do with them.
  12. I dont really like the idea of Wyatt being with the family. I mean Neville, Ohno, Curtis and so on are more exiting than the Family. I love Wyatt and I will be marking like a little girl but I don't want the family with him. He should actually try to add members from the current roster instead of bringing the NXT guys. Ryder should be the first target. Give him something to do. Let Kofi and (Santino,Ryder...) go over the family but then Wyatt beats down Kofi. Then at SS Wyatt injures kofi and cut a promo saying that te family it's something you shouldn't mess up with. Kofi goes off my screen for a few months and retuned as a heel and with a new gimmick
  13. Btw that theme :fap:

    Wyatt comes out with a mic.

    Hey I'm Bob's brother.

    Gets booed out of the building
  14. For some reason Khali looks like he'd be a nice fit as well, not just the size, but Khali's general awkwardness makes him seem like the perfect candidate... just like Festus with the SES
  15. The family needs to come up with him. Every cult leader needs his cult. The sheep masks need to come to.
    They should have plants out in the crowds wearing them or that Bray can put them on. Like how Punk shaved people's heads during the SES run. Let the cult grow and sell the idea that he is just a butcher leading lambs to slaughter.
  16. Oh, also: Doesn't losing the Wyatts put NXT's roster in a real mess? Other than Summer Rae and the Ascension, do they have any other heels? (No spoilers plz)

    Guess they can push some people (badabing, badaboom) or just keep using mid-card heels, but it's a messed up situation for sure
  17. With how NXT is taped they can easily keep Wyatt and the family on NXT for a while as well as on the main roster. They'll just ship them to Florida once every month, likely it will be like with Big E that they still remain a part for a while but just not as big a part, allowing for new talent to spring up. Plus they have Kruger who is already an established heel, the Ascension and Dallas. And new talent coming in. They'll be fine.
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  18. That was incredible.
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