[spoiler?]Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Danielson, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. What a match. I just had the luxury of watching it, and it had me on the edge of my seat. I felt like it was ppv quality. The apron slide into a powerbomb through the table was majestic. The finisher w/ kendo stick was ruthless. What would you guys rate that match from 1-5/5 and why?
  2. 5/5 match. Orton and Bryan have had great connection in the ring in their last few matches. I really enjoyed it as well.
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  3. Pretty much a 5/5. Can see it being considered a Raw classic years from now.
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  4. 5/5 TV match. For PPV I'd go 4. These two have good chemistry and Bryan seems to motivate Orton to do well which brings out the best of him.
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  5. 5/5 very muchly enjoy it. only thing that piss me off was that Orton did not turn heel after the match was over. that was a perfect time for a heel turn but one again wwe make orton look like a bitch.
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  6. **** IMO. Absolutely awesome TV match, probably my favourite one this year along with Ziggler/ADR and Punk/Cena. First Orton match in absolute yonks that I haven't been bored to tears by.
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  7. I actually think that not turning him there was smart. An Orton heel turn would have over shadowed Bryan getting his big singles win. When Orton turns heel that should be what everybody is left talking about from that night. But last night the focus was on Bryan and they did the right thing.

    If that makes sense.
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  8. Bryan winning cleanly did that. Orton RKO him would not have screw anything up for Bryan clean win. just how i see it.
  9. But if Orton had RKO'd Bryan. What would people have been talking about after RAW? Instead of people talking about Daniel Bryan finally getting his big win and feel good moment (this will probably end the weak link story) people would likely have been talking about "Randy Orton finally turning heel and beating the shit out of Bryan after the match". If you get what I am saying.
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  10. Insane match.. 5/5.

    Even though it's Orton, they worked really well together.

    Dat powerbomb..
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  11. 5/5 hands down! This match was Pay Per View Quality. Some moments really threw me out of my seat! Bryan and Orton had one of the greatest connections last night that really impressed me beyond belief.
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  12. It's a five star match. I'm enjoying WWE. It's been a while since I didn't enjoy WWE that much if I'm honest
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  13. I thought the ME as well as ADR/Jericho were two of the best matches I've seen from WWE this year, especially for Raw. PPV quality, 5* TV matches, 4* overall
  14. My thing is since Raw has 3 hours to burn this should happen more often.
  15. Here's your 5 Star match Danny :yes: Even though I can't stand Orton, him and Daniel put on a hell of a match last night, and with Daniel getting the win I can't help but 5 star this match :yes:
  16. Watched it again earlier. Fapped.
  17. Awesome...
    So great to finally seeing WWE having some faith in Bryan. Him main eventing a show that included Punk and Cena speaks for itself.
  18. 5* TV match, 4* PPV match. It was insane nonetheless. People keep giving Bryan all the credit, but Orton is a very very good wrestler as well. People seem to forget that. Either way this was a pleasure to watch and the match delivered as the crowd were insanely hot for Bryan at the end.
  19. After reading this and the other stuff people said about Raw, went back to watch the last hour. Yeah, can definitely see why all of you liked the show.

    I totally agree with Crayo here, Orton deserves a lot of credit either (probably because Bryan having another 4-star match is just another day at the office). Randy's a lot like Cena, when you give the guy something interesting to do you usually get some pretty good results. This was cool and he pulled off a lot of really nice spots, but it's a no-DQ match. Orton usually excels at those, but that's why Bryan really shined as well. Orton's known as a "remorseless bastard" in No-DQ matches and Bryan came across like he could match Orton shot for shot. This was stiff and this was awesome.

    The entire body of work for Bryan is really blowing my mind right now. No matter the style he can hang with the best of them. He can trade stiff shots with Orton. He can trade counters and holds with Jericho. He can trade highspots with guys like Kidd. He can hold his own in talking segments with the best in the company and even steal the spotlight away on occasion. Wow.
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