Spoiler regarding the WHC dont enter if you havn't watched TLC

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. What's everyones opinion on Daniel Bryan cashing in on the Big Show after his match with Henry?

    I personally am very pleased as I've been a fan of him since his ROH world title win in 2005. Hopefully he's given more time to showcase his mic skills and longer matches.
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  2. If they freshen up DB's character, then I'm definitely looking forward to his reign. He needs more mic time definitely, where he can be himself (or at least his badass character) and showcase his wrestling ability. I'm not pleased with how Show won clean, but I think the reason Show did win was so the seeds are planted for a heel turn either for Show or Bryan (crossing my fingers for Bryan, Show can drop out of title scene if I'm honest). But Henry was officially squashed tonight. He's a proven ratings man aswell.

    But yeah, so glad for Bryan. Great PPV tbh.
  3. I would of preferred him to of sticked to his word and cashed in at Wresltemania, I was hoping that after the match they would take it off him again because Big Show wasn't on his feet. Either way I'm happy with Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion, Give him some mic time, Give him a few defences to make him seem credible and it will be good! I just feel he needs to be a bit more credible, WWE dropped the ball with him brought him up, Made him seem kinda like a joke and then do this, He needs some big wins to seem credible!
  4. A Mania cash in would of been great, but perhaps they don't think he'll be ready for it. I pray it's not that, because if that's the case Bryan won't be champ going into Mania. Orton will be involved in the title match, so Bryan vs Orton can only work if Bryan is heel (which I hope he's going to turn!)