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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roi, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Now that Damien and Cody are not longer tag team , what's next ? Cody vs goldust ?
  2. I liked them as a tag team, but I like them even more as singles competitors, so this is pretty good news.
    Cody/Goldust doesn't seem likely and seems like a pointless feud.
  3. What happened?
    Did they break up on SD? LOL
  4. They said they want to break up the team but not the friendship lol
  5. One of them is going to turn face and go up against Barrett I assume.
  6. Hope Rhodes feuds with Goldust and Sandow... gets a push and mic time.
  7. Barrett is quit busy now with Bo. lol
    Maybe Cody is turning face at EC and challenge Barrett for the title, would be a great feud tbh.

    Sandow turning face shouldn't even be considered, his Heel character is great.
  8. I thought Sandow and Rhodes were interesting together. It should be interesting to see where they go from here with individual feuds and matches.
  9. Just hope they don't get lost in the shuffle. :downer:
  10. Really? Damn. Should've payed attention more instead of laughing at penis jokes on Skype. :dawg:

    Here's to hoping they have awesome feuds.

    And I don't even think a face Damien Sandow is even possible. :hmm:
  11. At least they promised to remain best friends :sandow:
  12. I was pretty shocked at this too by watching SmackDown last night. It's certainly something that was unpredictable. I'm presuming a Cody Rhodes vs Goldust feud for WM so Cody can go over him and to give him something to do. I doubt he'll turn a face before this years WM possibly after, though.
  13. I had a feeling they were no longer a team when they came out on Raw (after failing to capture the tag titles at the Rumble) in different singles matches and had no segments together.
  14. I don't think Goldust is even employed.
  15. According to Wikipedia he has signed a new contract with them but there is no full on source on it. So who knows. He can be back in a backstage role.
  16. I'm hoping one of them get into the EC over The Great Khali. Please
  17. There's an update article out on the dirtsheet that the people in the smackdown segment are not guaranteed in the chamber. Rather they are used to tease the chamber.
  18. I figured as much, would prefer to see cody or sandow in it. I'm assuming Team Hello no will have a titles match.
  19. The tag team was buried, no reason to keep it around. Split them up and let Sandow be entertaining on his own, let Rhodes try to find his spark again, and get 2 awesome segments from these bosses instead of just one.
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