Royal Rumble [Spoiler] Royal Rumble Return Thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Two definite returns...
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    Posted this yesterday!
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    Two definite returns...
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    Link me, so I can junk this.
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    Two definite returns...
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    Two definite returns...
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    Yeah that's in the middle of what is going to be a huge discussion thread, it needs its own thread lol. Plus, spoilers aren't meant to be in discussion threads as some users might not want to read them.
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    Two definite returns...
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    Yaaaaaaay.. Can't wait to see them..
  7. Two more rumored returns

    Meltzer report. Make off it what you will.

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  8. I hope neither of them return to be honest.
  9. It's nice for the rumble, right.
  10. Masters and Helms suck, Shelton and Carlito I'm fine with.
  11. I see no reasons to bring back Helms and Masters for the rumble. Maybe to get some cheap pop from the hurricane but that's it.
  12. True. It's good for entertainment. And everyone knows that the rumble has surprises.
  13. I would be happy to see Shelton and Carlito..
  14. Watch out! There's a hurricane through!

    Gotta admit I'd mark if I heard it :otunga:
  15. WTF why would Chris Masters come back to do the Royal Rumble when WWE fired him and he was pissed off about it and slagged the company off in interviews

    Shelton Benjamin got used poorly in WWE back in the old days he shouldnt bother coming back

    Hurricane Helms I dont if he left or got fired but it be cool if he got re hired as the superhero gimmick would appearl to the kids

    Carlito got fired for his drug use and he wouldnt stop so WWE getting him to compete in the Royal Rumble is hyprocritical
  16. SPOILER:

    - Dave Meltzer of is reporting the opening match might be the LMS match, and main event might be the RR match, where he expects the returns of Chavo Guerrero (who quit TNA just half an hour ago), Stephanie McMahon as the special ringside girl for the RR, and the ultimate return of Jerry Lawler's bastard son, Big Daddy V, who just poisoned some people in the bathroom of Japan's inner city.

  17. Hood one. :lol1:

    WWE just let us hear this, just let us;

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  18. None of this is going to happen is it?

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    someone hold me :upset:
  19. Lol no. :cornette:

    It was just my guess out of boredom.
  20. Chris Masters returning as a mid carder wouldn't be bad..

    Dude's huge, good looks and is a decent worker imo..
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