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  1. When posting a new thread in the wrestling sections which contain spoilers (news which may spoil up and coming shows) please follow these guidelines.

    Thread title: Your thread title needs to contain the word "spoiler" or "spoilers" in, try and make it noticeable. Also, don't have what you're trying to keep unspoiled in the title like - "SPOILER John Cena Wins Title" or "SPOILER - New Champion", that is completely wrong. You should have it so nothing is spoiled - "SPOILER Main Event of RAW" or something like that.

    Also, because a lot of our users use the application tapatalk when browsing on their mobile phones - they can see inside the thread before even going in it, so please use the spoiler tags inside of your spoiler thread, an example of a perfect thread is below.

    Title: "SPOILER - Santino..."

    Inside the thread:

    Show Spoiler
    Santino is the new WWE Champion!! He beat CM Punk in a no DQ match!

    To use spoilers you do this:

    [spoiler] The news you want to give out here [/spoiler]
    I won't warn users who accidentally spoil things - we've all done that. I will start to warn repeat offenders though as it does ruin the show for many people.

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  2. Thank you!

  3. No Thank You!

  4. Is Santino WWE champ for really? :shock:
  5. You're all trolls :devil:
  6. Respect to the spoilers.
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