*Spoiler* Sheamus

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  1. Him going over Miz. Agree or disagree? Considering he's been beating random jobbers I don't agree at all.

    What'chu think?
  2. It's probably just a throw away match which disappoints me. Two former world champions just being thrown together for a random match just devalues the belt even further imo. I'm not happy about this tbh Miz needs to be built up again the guy is doing a great job turning chicken shit into chicken salad. Hopefully this ends up going somewhere and ends up being the cross promotional match at mania. I'm not holding my breath though.
  3. If it doesn't lead to a feud then it sums up what's wrong with WWE. Sheamus is really over so they put him in feuds with Jinder Mahal and have him go from badass character to letting Hornswoggle win battle royal, then have him go over RAW's best heel....
  4. Why they haven't run Punk vs Miz in a singles feud I still don't understand they're polar opposites one the suit wearing corporate arrogant guy and Punk who's just well a punk lol. The Sheamus thing I think is WWE not having a back up plan to his feud with Christian.
  5. Exactly, it's messed up. I mean who is Punk feuding directly with now? He seems to insult Johnny Ace more than any of his "opponents". Miz vs Punk single feud would be epic. I guess Miz is going into the rumble though, which I'd love him to win.
  6. It's nothing.
    They're waiting for R-Truth to come back from suspension (which is Sunday or Monday I believe) then I presume R-Truth as a face will feud with Miz?
  7. Sigh. So once again they'll ruin their talent. They'll book it as R-Truth annoying face, Miz goes over but cowardly and the outcome will be an uninteresting R-Truth and a top heel on RAW with no credibility. Well done Vince.
  8. To be fair it's better then throwing him in random matches. Plus I can't see Miz beating many people anyway but cowardly especially as a heel.
  9. I can't see it either, but he SHOULD beat everyone clean even apart from Punk, Cena and Orton. He's the top heel, so why not book him as one? He could still be cowardly, just against the biggest stars. If he feuds with Truth, then it'll do a lot of damage to Miz just like Riley done. I'm a big fan of both Truth and Riley, but coming off better against Miz isn't the best idea.
  10. I think they need to make him more intelligent like Ric Flair in the NWA. In fact am I the only one who'd like Miz being the crown jewel of a group kind of like the four Horseman? I'm not trying to say he's as talented as Flair but I can see similarities in the way they carry themselves like stars and their delivery on the mic. Especially when Miz gets worked up.
  11. Wouldn't mind it but I'd prefer him on his own. But I would love him to be a bit dirty in the ring, like low-blows when ref isn't looking, that sort of thing. If he jobbed to Sheamus for no reason though... that's poor.
  12. i think that as i seen earlier the whole sheamus fiasco is because there was no back up plan to the christian injury they want to keep him relevant because we know christian can't compete he is injured so his "moral" won't be affected whereas if sheamus where to stop competing we would be asking why? so having these crappy matches against Jinder and co are to give him screen time keep him in the picture after realizing he has been beating people that no one cares about they needed to put him in a match with another relevent person hence being the Miz :emoji_slight_smile: its not a bad thing but its not a good thing its an outcome of something that went wrong i have a feeling Miz will be the opponent for punk at the rumble for the WWE title and as for Sheamus he will be floating around untill Christian returns