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  1. Winning. How fucking epic was that?
  2. 10/10 on the epic scale. That ending spot.
  3. It was a great match too, not just the result was awesome.
  4. Pretty killer match, glad they beat Team Cena.
  5. I thought it got a bit slow in the match. Like, in the middle.
  6. I predicted them to win and I'm so happy they did. They had fantastic smack talk throughout the match and worked together wonderfully. That was easily my favorite match of the night!
  7. Holy shit was that a good match. Start to finish, that was fantastic. Just absolutely love how strategic The Shield works with each other, all three of them play their roles really well.

    Super surprised with Ryback eating the pinfall, and Rollins being the first guy to pin Ryback cleanly. Definitely not complaining that's for sure :yay:
  8. Was a great match, still loving that spear on Sheamus through the barriers, still can't believe they won, can't wait to hear from the 'super' faces on RAW
  9. I was so worried this might have been the match to split up Shield. I want them to face better competitors when they split. :upset:

    I mark every time they come in. Reign's random yelling makes me lol sometimes.
  10. Surprised they won, and just as surprised that Ryback took the pin. Ryback has now lost every big match he's been apart of. What a push for someone who's supposed to be the next #2 face of the company. I'm guessing the loss (especially the fact that Ryback took the pin and walked out angry) is supposed to motivate Ryback into taking on the whole Shield himself in a handicap match at Wrestlemania.
  11. Dude, no. Don't say things like that.
  12. The Shield are just fucking incredible, they're so entertaining to watch even in 10 minute work overs, so great as a unit. Still stunned at the outcome.
  13. Lol'd at that Sheamus pwn.
  14. They won pretty much as cleanly as they could against the company's three biggest faces. The more I think about it, the more incredible that result seems to me.

    Even if Cena, Sheamus and Ryback get revenge on RAW, that's just not the same as winning cleanly on a big PPV.

    My advice to the IWC and other SHIELD fans: Enjoy it. Savor that win, because it's probably going to be a long time before anything like that happens again.
  15. The build and the fact that it wasn't elimination made it pretty obvious they were going to win, so even though they didn't do it in the way I'd imagine (mainly with Sheamus taking the fall), it was a rather predictable outcome. The only thing I can say is that I'm a bit surprised Ryback took the fall, unless that's going to be playing a big role in the build to Mania I'm not sure why'd they would go in that direction instead of Sheamus.
  16. Cena's face after losing was like: "I didn't get to bury anyone today?"
  17. Well, saw it coming but was still surprised when they did win. Was great, Ryback eating the pin will probably make sense as the story progresses. Top stuff.
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