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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roi, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. So swagger is back ! And as a heel ... This means that out of 6 guys, we have 4 faces one tweener and one heel .. This is gonna be like RR .. All faces.
  2. Would have made more sense to bring back Swagger as a face and have him face Cesaro, but then again Cesaro's already in a feud. Either way, Heel Swagger doesn't excite me much. He was boring as fuck when he left and I doubt anything's changed.
  3. True . I expected him as a face but I mean, why don't you let some heel in the chamber ? We all know swagger is not going to win ..neither khali , Bryan and Kane are likely going to feud each other so we have left sheamus and orton who's probably turning heel
  5. They can turn him pretty quick once Cesaro is finished swallowing the pill that is the Miz.
  6. Well, I liked his match with Kofi, he looked quite aggressive. But without a gimmick change or something I can't see this going far.
  7. Jake Hager I like, but after three years of "lol Swagger worst champion ever", will anybody take this guy seriously?
  9. Well...he didn't turn heel, he left as a heel you know :otunga:
  10. He said returning heel. As in he made his return as a heel.
  11. My bad :damnn::facepalm1:

    Saw it "turning" instead of "returning" , I need glasses :nogusta:
  12. :dawg: No worries.
  13. he is returning heel
  14. He was a heel before.
  15. Like Rain said, Jack Hager would work tbh.
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