Spoiler: So, HHH?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 19, 2013.

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  1. Another one of those moments last night when he loses and the music stops and they focus on him. They're playing the sympathy role it seems, and it reminded me of last year when he "hang up his boots". Do you think they'll do another angle like that? Or was they simply selling the destruction of Lesnar?
  2. HHH will retire tomorrow and then come back for SummerSlam.
  3. The latter. They were just trying to show he put up a brutal fight and went down hard like a man. It was just a way to try and end the show on some sort of positive note. Him doing another angle where he's promising "retirement" is silly considering he saved his career by defeating Lesnar at WM. (He wins the match where his career is on the line, but he 'retires' after losing the match where his career ISN'T on the line?)

    Tomorrow night, I expect to see The Shield/Triple H revisited from the first Smackdown after Wrestlemania. Have HHH come out and give a speech about Lesnar... Not a boring and predictable "We're not finished yet" speech, but a speech that is more like him reflecting on their whole blood-boiled feud and talking about how Lesnar is perhaps the toughest opponent he's ever stood opposite of the ring with but that he's also shown Lesnar that there's equally tough opponents that can stand across the ring from him too, like himself (HHH.) Then The Shield's music hits and a massive beat down ensues. The best beat down The Shield will have given to anyone yet.
  4. HHH loses at ER, and gets served on Monday Night RAW? You're dreaming sunshine.
  5. I can dream.
  6. :robbie: You are @RealKingRegal after all!
  7. Sympathy at it's finest.

    Even if HHH says his ''farwell'', he'll be back at SS.
  8. Hope there will be no HHH vs Lesnar. This has gone far too long.
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