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  1. Spoilers spoilers baba boi baba boi!​
    Literally spoilers. Look away damn it!

    What was the reasoning for Angle going over AJ? I understand Angle being the next hall of famer and them wanting to justify that with a feel good win, but why oh why did it have to be AJ that ate that pin?
    Because if you stack the two characters up against each other most logic says that AJ should have been the one to walk out of Boston with the W.

    Angle's character right now has little to no direction. He's a foot soldier in Hogan's war with Bully Ray. There is no clear cut end game for Angle in this current feud or run, no end boss, no princess in another castle and no real end to justify the means.
    Where as AJ is in the middle of a character transformation and is a central and damn near integral character for this entire angle. His character is being rebuilt from the ground up with a Sting style push and all logic in the dictionary dictates that he should walk out of his first PPV match back with a win.

    The match itself was fine. I just don't see a single god damn reason for AJ losing to a right now directionless Kurt. And TNA tends to book things in advance, focusing on long term. They should have seen this coming and have given Angle someone else to go over. Hell, you could have put Angle in the tag team feud with Gunner instead of Storm and it could have worked just as well, Angle would have been revealed as the next hall of famer and won the tag belts with an up and comer who would get a nice rub from it, and AJ could have gone over Storm.

    I just don't get it...
  2. Haven't watched the PPV yet, but wow, that really is a fucking stupid decision. WWE esque.
  3. Bold shit tfa, bold shit. Seriously though what a horrible call. Him jobbing after Aces interference would have been fine and made sense given the attack on impact. Kurt clean however just because he's going in the HOF is ridiculous.
  4. It was a step back for sure for TNA. AJ is their main card to make an original star for their company right now. All other main players right now (Hogan, Bully, Sting, Hardy, Angle) are all known for their careers elsewhere to begin with. They might have re invented themselves or comitted themselves to TNA but they are still mostly talked about as "Jeff Hardy from WWE" or "Hulk Hogan from WWF". They should build a main level star who has been in TNA from day one or close on like AJ. But this was a step backwards.
  5. TNA style retarded.
  6. Seems like there's a running trend with AJ Styles losing or doing stupid shit being retroactively made awesome. Maybe that'll be it.
    Or maybe there's something like Styles getting his win back in the BFG Series Finals.
  7. You honestly see Angle going so far in the BFG series this year with a "hot unsigned talent coming in to rock impact" ?
  8. You really don't see a 40-year old ex-WWE star getting that far?
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  9. Considering that the two people in the BFG series final last year were walking in with a purpose (the culmination of the Jeff Hardy redemption saga and the set up for the Bully Ray face turn to infiltreate Hogan's inner circle) and with the as of now first favorite for a final spot walking in with purpose and direction (AJ) I have serious doubts about Angle being in the final this year. Sure there might be a 35+ ex WWE guy in the final but even Hogan has more direction and motivation to win it than Angle right now.
  10. I thought it was incredibly stupid and made me feel a repeated head-desk scenario coming on. Personally, I can't see any reason behind it whatsoever aside from, "We announced he's going into the HOF, ergo he needs to win tonight!" That's the only thing I can get from it. But it was absurd. However, as you said, TNA typically plans in advance and focuses on the long term, so I am trying to hold out hope that they did think it through and have something great planned or in the works that we're just unaware of right now.
  11. How do they turn that around? If anything is a momentum killer it is losing to someone with no forward going direction. Angle used to have momentum but the Brisco feud was scrapped so he's really doing nothing and there aren't any real spots open for him now other than a BFG series spot. And I don't see TNA doing the Angle going out in a blaze of glory thing by wining the BFG series as he enters the hall of fame. I am trying to be positive but I don't see positives in this.
  12. 1: This wasn't a burial, this was a rollup win lmao.
    2: This match didn't really have any bearing on any storyline, it was essentially a filler match. Assuming this "which side is AJ on" thing hasn't been scrapped if AJ won it wouldn't change anything about him either. Worst case scenario is that this is Henry going over Sheamus, sucks but inconsequential.
    3: AJ's darker character's based around stupid storylines and plenty of losses. Shouldn't this loss make AJ even darker as a result? Again, assume he'll get his win back eventually as well.
    4: When AJ Styles wins at the Bound for Glory series will anyone look at it and say "oh screw this, he just lost to Angle at Slammiversary"?

    (Side note: Really hope they have something else in mind than AJ winning the BFG Series -_-)
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  13. 1: Still his first PPV match back after a long hiatus and as the central figure in the biggest storyline in the company. Most logic would say he would walk out of his first PPV match the winner.
    2: See point 1 in part. AJ is becoming the key figure in the aces and eights story. If he is to believably be a threat against a 7+ man group as a single entity he needs momentum going into this story. AJ winning it would have furthered the point that AJ doesn't need the aces (as seen when he attacked the entire group with the hammer) nor thus he need the TNA roster, he can stand strong on his own. Angle lost to the top Aces and Eights members and got beat up, Angle then beat AJ, by proxy that should mean that AJ stands less a chance against the aces than Kurt who has the rest of the TNA roster backing him.
    3: The days of the downward spiral are over for the AJ character. It should now be focusing on him canalizing the downward spiral to reshape himself.
    4: I don't have a real answer for that other than it doesn't feel right. It goes against most logical babyface pushes unless he was booked as a Mysterio style underdog, which he aint. He's a Crow Sting style character now and for that type of character to work there needs to be a sense of power and momentum to him. Sting had the entire NWO running scared, what reason do the Aces have to fear AJ when they took out Kurt who beat AJ?
  14. Ehn, I didn't like the decision. When I watched it, I was like, "WTF?". I literally yelled it.

    Good job Angle for making the Hall of Fame (clap clap), but what did he gain from that win? Seriously, what progression will go on with that win?
    For AJ Styles, it could have done a lot more than it did for Angle. Anyways, not a fan of the finish, the match was good though.
  15. Unless this is the weakness which makes AJ realize he is Mr TNA, he can't do it all by himself as the dark knight so he'll reluctantly let a few into his inner circle. #TNF'sCrayo
  16. Don't misunderstand me, I hate AJ lost as well.

    However, did you notice HOW he lost? He was basically dominating the match and was better through out almost the enitre match by using his new psychological and smarter style UNTIL he went to his old style - reverals of finsihers with Kurt, 450 splash, and finally - the Styles Clash. AJ lost the match because he went for the Styles Clash, the signature move of the OLD AJ Styles. It was brilliant call of the storytelling, really.

    I still hate that he lost, but look deeper guys. Plus, I really believe he will win the BFGS and probably the WHC @ BFG, so who will care about this match in the end, if that's the end result of this whole thing? Especially if he beats Kurt in the finals, which is a good possibility, I'd say.
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  17. Looking deeper shouldn't be required in cases like that, in my opinion.
  18. What "cases" ?
  19. Well, it looked very weird indeed, but I suppose they'll use it to cause some story progression for AJ.
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