*Spoiler* So what does he do now?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Henry, being eliminated in a style that doesn't bury him, what does he do from now on? The guy took them all out at the end so that was great to see, and his heel monster push is obviously going to continue. But I have no idea who he's going to feud with.

    I pray it's not Orton.
  2. I'm sadly gonna have to guess Orton. Ryback could be a possibility but that would halter his momentum. I'd much rather see Ryback vs Henry at Summerslam.
  3. Huh? Halter his opinion?
  4. My bad. Meant to write momentum. I'm tired :sad:
  5. I assume it's show, which sounds stupid but both are huge and would fill a match at WM, with show having 2 good vs adr, and Henry being a monster. End of career for show, Henry getting huge push, or shit match fail.
  6. Henry doesn't bring anything to the table. He should had never been a world champion. His mic skills sucks. He's a generic monster heel. It's a disgrace that he even won a world title.
  7. He probably get fed to orton
  8. :wtf:

  9. I was so sad when Henry lost. I almost stopped watching. :okay:

    But yeah, sadly, Orton sounds likely. Ugh that's so much crap. ADR vs Swagger sounds alright with Swagger's new gimmick but still, I really don't see where Henry can go now. Probably another random tag team match or some crappy feud they come up with on SD just so he and another random face (Sheamus? Ugh) can wrestle at WM.
  10. :harvey:
  11. What? :rock:
    I would like to know your opinion on Big Show then.
  12. Could be worse than Orton. Could be Great Khali, judging from Raw.

    I think their way of getting as many people on the card as possible is to go with an eight man or ten man tag team match, similar to last year. Makes more sense than a MITB match I suppose, given that MITB has it's own PPV now. They'll likely combine a bunch of feuds (Miz/Caesro, etc.) and mini-feuds (Henry/Khali, Barrett/Sheamus judging from Raw, etc.) into a huge tag match. That'll likely be Mark Henry's place.
  13. So terrible and so likely. Fuck you WWe
  14. Never even considered this, they're gonna do this now. Urrgghhh and they'll probably stick Ziggler in there as well for the lols.
  15. As long as it's not another match for GM control like Vickie/Maddox vs Booker/Teddy, what a bore.
  16. At least that one had a storyline behind it. They didn't just say "oh hey, these guys despise each other individually... tag... TEAM... MAAAATCH" :fap:

    As they usually do. But guess what, it's what will happen this year, probably. :downer:
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  17. I think Big Show is washed up. His earlier days were alot better than today.

    Vince should be ashamed that Henry was a world champion in his company.
  18. There's been worst world champions than Henry, including Vince himself. Henry at least brought in ratings for the company during his reign and brought them again when he made his return to Smackdown earlier this month.
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  19. And let's not forget he did that while being very, very entertaining as far as his character goes.
  20. Mark Henry by far was one of the greatest heels the company has seen in a very long time. He's a proven draw, he's really entertaining an his gimmick is perfect.
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