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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Sheamus try to have a "thank you Hunter moment" after losing his WHC match? Losing a world championship should not be that big a deal for such a relatively young character. He will gain it back or the WWE title. It was not career ending.
  2. I don't think it was "thank you Hunter" kind of thing per se, more like when Benoit lost cleanly at the 2003 Rumble but tried really hard so the fans clapped for him for the effort he put forth. I think WWE were hoping that people would sympathize with having to go up against a huge monster like Big Show and would thus clap for Sheamus even after he lost. Didn't seem many cared, though.
  3. He was selling the KO punch...... he was still "dazed" from the effect so needed assistance getting out.
  4. Saw it too..

    Fucking dumb from him to do something like that..

    Just a facepalm moment.
  5. Because apparently losing one match against a giant is enough to think that you don't have it any more.

  6. So it was just me who saw him get punched, sell the punch and get helped out by the medical staff whilst holding his jaw?
  7. He was escorted out but not helped out. He walked by his own volition then decided to stop and expect claps from the crowd.
  8. I'm still saying he was selling the punch more so (his hand was always on his jaw as an example) however I'll concede he had a glance out and seemed to be expecting sympathy but is that a bad thing? To me it increases the prestige of the title as it shows it meant something to him losing it which is a lot better than him simply walking out plus for the first time in a long time he looks beatable, surely that's what we wanted also?
  9. The WMD, the worst finisher in WWE history.
  10. Because they had 3 minutes to kill because me watching Sheamus try to look injured is more entertaining than watching an actual match get extended time.
  11. Surely it's no worse than Hulk Hogan beating people (including a 15 year undefeated Andre The Giant) with a simple leg drop?

    I actually quite like the WMD. The only problem is is that punches are a normal thing in wrestling, and so you have to preserve the one 'punch' for the ending of the match when you execute it but it works for a big man like him. But I also think if you had someone whose gimmick was that of a former boxer (like a Balrog-type character), having him use the KO punch would be cool as well.
  12. Way worse.
  13. Yeah, it wasn't anything too big or meaningful so I think it was a nice touch.
  14. This.

    You can say whatever you want, but a punch to the face hurts and hell of a lot more then some guy dropping his legs on you.
  16. It adds more value to the title as it gives it more prestige so I feel there was no harm in that.
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