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  1. Did you mark? Did you find the predictability lame?

    Discuss it here. How good is Ray as a heel though?
  2. Predictable.
    Didn't mark.
  3. The main event was good overall, but quite poor actually when you compare to other main events recently involving Roode and Aries. The quality just wasn't up to standards.
    Bully being in that lame group is terrible, I wanted him as a heel but this sucks so bad.
  4. The pros

    Heel Bully
    The history between Devon and Ray makes it logical
    THe group has a slight bit of credibility now
    A possible feud with a tweener AJ
    a&8 have a purpose now, even if it's just keeping the title on BR

    The cons

    Ray is being sucked into the shit booking the Aces had
    I can see Hulk facing him with how it went down.
  5. Not understanding the credibility stuff though. The group itself KEEPS losing and lost again tonight... they just have a credible world champion as their leader. I guess it makes their segments more watchable and legit with a main eventer, but the group itself isn't any stronger.

    IMO: The way they have booked this stable has ruined any marking I would have done with Bully leading it. He either should have been revealed ages ago when they were threatening, or they should have booked the stable completely differently.
  6. Kind of a bummer Steiner isn't the leader. :downer:
  7. Bully being in the group gives them a credibility boost IMO, I mentioned it's only slight but you must admit having a World Champion in your ranks makes you look better than without one.
  8. I guess the group looks better and the focus is back on them as the big thing in TNA, but it just seems weird to me. The group look weak as fuck and if they knew they were going for this "big swerve" months ago, why not book the group strong? They just look like a group of jobbers with a world champion in their ranks now. He may as well have his world title reign without them; would have preferred that.

    I guess it makes their segments watchable for me now, as I was not a fan of them at all beforehand.
  9. You mean that skinny guy who was talking to Hogan and Sting when they were kidnapped about four months ago was Bully Ray?
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  10. Bully winning :yes:

    Him being in A&8s :no:

    Lazy booking going with the overly obvious choice. Even Chavo would've been more of a surprise leader.
  11. Didn't I mention eons ago he was the leader?
  12. SMH
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  13. Everyone knew he was the leader. You're not some kind of Nostradamus.
  14. It was painfully predictable at a time where WWE's really irritating their fans with their painful predictability... maybe it's just that we watch too much wrestling seeing how the plants live crowd reacted.

    Does this do anything for the Aces and Eights? No. They're beyond saving at this point, just wish the storyline and everyone involved not named Bully or Anderson would just go away. This includes you too, Taz. If nothing else it brings Bully down after learning he was the one leading this shit faction to do nothing for the past 9 months.

    The part that really hurt it for me was the buildup to it. Yeah seeing him rip the Hogans was cool, but damn. So this huge storyline you've been shoving down our throats was just to put Hogan over as the big protagonist? What Bully actually did was really evil. He married Hogan's daughter, found a way to convince him and everyone else that he was sincere, and even got Hogan bending over backwards for him and giving him title shots on a silver platter... and then he took all of that and threw it back in Hogan's face. What a piece of shit!

    I'm pretty sure you know why I hated this. All of this sadistic stuff was done to put over a 60-year-old cripple as a top babyface.
    I'll see you guys in the ROH section.
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  15. I suppose the big question is why did they cost him points in the BFG series if he wanted a title shot?
  16. Haven't watched yet, but Hardy isn't champ anymore and Bully is heel. Isn't this what everyone wanted? :zeb:
  17. You mean the Internet is complaining about something they've wanted for months? Pfff don't be silly.
  18. Touche'. Also, yeah it was predictable, so what?
    Taz and Devon being revealed as A8s members were pretty unpredictable moments, but not necessarily good moments. Would it have been better if Tenay was revealed as the leader? I doubt anyone would have predicted that..
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  19. My main gripe is them chaining Ray to that sinking ship of a stable. I've been positive to the Aces and Eights stable but it is going nowhere. It has negative 5 momentum and risks becoming the stone that drowns possibly the greatest heel in TNA when he finally has his well deserved championship reign.
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  20. I can see where your coming from, can't say I've been the biggest fan of this A8 storyline. The reveals have been underwhelming and/or stupid as fuck (Taz, D'Lo :pity1:).