[Spoiler] Theory on "It Begins" [Spoiler]

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  1. Here is a Fans theory on the "It Begins" Vignettes.

    These videos are hyping a potential WM28 feud between CM Punk and Chris Jericho and here's why: In the video the little boy is representing Jericho and the little girl is representing Punk. Keep this in mind throughout my explanation. Notice, how the little boy continues to write in his notebook and the little girl keeps trying to look at what he is writing. Once the boy goes into the corner (Jericho's time off from WWE), The girl tries to do the work herself, but can't come up with anything. Keep in mind that she looked at the boy's notebook and this is implying that she has stolen the boy's work, which represents Jericho going to come back and claim that Punk is a fraud and has stolen his ideas and gimmick and what not. Also the ball in the video represents Jericho "dropping the ball" by leaving and Punk "taking the ball and running with it". The ball belonged to the boy and the girl took. At the end the girl, is standing in the spotlight and the boy is in the dark with his head down indicating that we have forgotten about Jericho and that Punk is the new guy we all know and love. This will lead to WM match with Punk and Jericho. Look within the video not what the kid is saying....

    1) Chris Jericho announced on Twitter over a month ago that on Janurary 2nd, 2012 that he would be in Hawaii.
    The same thing CM Punk claimed when he "Quit" after winning the WWE Championship, only to show up on RAW 2 weeks later.

    2) The obvious, Year:2012 Day:2nd Month:January =Y2J

    3) CM Punk claims to be "The best in the world" Chris Jericho claims to be "The best in the world at what he does"

    4) Last weeks promo said "I can not help you anymore, do you understand"? Last time Chris Jericho came to help or "Save_Us",
    and he kept saying "Do you understand what I'm saying to you"?

    5) They keep showing the globe, Japan, Africa, "The world" if you will

    6) Chris Jericho is finally cracking on twitter, refusing to answer any more wrestling questions
    he also now denies Hawaii, after being called out on it

    7) Who is a big name to fued with punk at mania?? Chris Jericho
  2. Completely agree, the exact same theory as me. There has been slight hints in the actual video itself. Chris written on the book people say, the maple leaf in the pond (Canadian flag) etc. I posted a much watered down version of this theory somewhere on this forum, but great post to write it in detail. Repped :emoji_slight_smile:.
  3. I'm sad I didn't read the 'spoiler' part... Now I know what's gonna happen.
  4. I'm sorry, it's still a theory though if it gives you hope.
  5. Lol how can you miss the spoiler tags Tombstone? :O
  6. You just reminded me of a feature that was talked about during WF's last startup attempt: Title spoilers, shows black box, reveals title on click.

    Pretty sure there might already be a plugin like that though, but that's Crayo's job.
  7. Nah there isn't, not one that edits the title to spoil. Not that I know of anyway.

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