SPOILER: Title Change

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Nero_x3, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. On the next episode of NXT, Paige will be giving up the NXT Women's belt per the request of NXT GM JBL. Initially refusing, she does give up the belt. And it should be on this Thursdays episode. A tournament will more than likely be set up to see who will get the belt next. My own personal predictions are Bayley vs Charlotte. I think it makes sense for her to vacate the title if anything, thankfully we'll see someone else actually active on NXT as champ.
  2. So who won the NXT womens championship?
  3. Nobody- the tournament hasn't started yet.
  4. Competitors are set for the match though.

    Finalists (open)
    It will be Natalya vs Charlotte at NXT Takeover.
  5. Yeah saw that in the "Next 4 NXT tapings" thread. Didn't they do that feud already? Ahhh lets beat the dead horse anyway I guess. Charlotte better win
  6. Yep, probably against Natalya to have Charlotte be viewed as the new champ and someone who beat a former Divas champ.
  7. I think Natalya beat her last time too IIRC. Here's to hoping
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